Who will win?

Bajan support split between Germany and Argentina for World Cup football supremacy

On Sunday, billions of football fans around the world who did not get a ticket for the much anticipated FIFA World Cup final between Argentina and Germany will be glued to television sets, computer monitors, cell phones or just about any device with a screen.

Brazil may not have reached the final but they are still in the hearts of many Barbadian fans.
Brazil may not have reached the final but they are still in the hearts of many Barbadian fans.

Will it be a repeat of 1986 when Argentina beat Germany in the final or maybe a replay of 1990 when Germany beat the Argentines? Since the games begun on June 12, however, wherever one traveled in Barbados, Brazil flags were seen flying high on vehicles, houses, and countless numbers of people were wearing the colours of the the host country, making known their strong allegiance. But with Brazil now playing for third place against Netherlands on Saturday, after a humiliating 7–1 whipping by Germany in the semifinals in front of the home crowd, it begs the question who will Bajans now be rooting for?

A Barbados TODAY team travelled across the island yesterday to get the answer that question. Surprisingly, many of those interviewed stated unequivocally that they were either supporting Germany or Argentina from the beginning.

An impassioned Stephen Horsey Turton told Barbados TODAY that he was not a bandwagonist and that from “jump” his team was always Germany. As he trimmed the beard of a customer in his Silver Hill, Christ Church barbershop, and with a small German flag present on his countertop, he declared that he would never leave out Germany.

Horsey is backing the Germans all the way.
Horsey is backing the Germans all the way.

“Never, ever left out Germany. Germany is one of them teams that got to win FIFA World Cup this year, I telling you so, by all means. And I gine beat [Argentina] 4-2, just because of [Lionel] Messi I gine feel for them, I done tell everybody. I love Germany.”

An obvious fan, Turton continued: “You see Bayren Munich, Liverpool, you see the same Germany, I does go down with all of dem teams and I would never leave out any of dem teams. Everything is Germany for me, trust what I tell you, and my son too. He cry bad, bad. . . because Germany had scored the first goal [in the semifinal against Brazil].

“When the first goal scored, the man get my little flag and run all ‘bout here so with it and he will never stop,” he said, adding that come Sunday, he will be watching the game from his barbershop.

“I does cut hair for a living and I gine stand and watch Germany dominate that day. I very sorry that them mash–up Brazil so, that is the honest truth, but Germany deserve to win it. You can’t expect to go to no World Cup seven times and don’t expect nothing. It is about time we win that and trust me I ain’t giving up pun dem, believe what I tell you,” he added.

Over in Kendal Hill, also in Christ Church, Argentina flags surrounded the self–professed biggest Argentine fan in Barbados, Cyril Archer. He invited the Barbados TODAY team to his home to show off an Argentina flag flying full mass outside the house, as well as some memorabilia he had collected over the years.

According to Cyril Archer Argentina will defeat Germany 2-0.
According to Cyril Archer Argentina will defeat Germany 2-0.

From day one he has been supporting, according to him, the best footballer in the world, Lionel Messi. And he predicted that Messi will score two goals for the win.

“That is my favourite man. Argentina all the way. Messi gine score all two because he gine out of football so he want the golden boat. Messi gine work for me,” he declared.

While Archer was giving his analysis of what went wrong with Brazil’s World Cup journey, he was interrupted by an aggrieved Brazil supporter. Declining to give his name, he told Barbados TODAY that Kendal Hill still belongs to Brazil.

“We is die hard Brazilians in Kendal Hill. We not supporting anybody else. I still bear my flag when I get 7-1. I tie it around my head, hang myself and do all kinds of things. I’m still Brazil,” he maintained.

However, one disgruntled Brazilian fan said he wanted nothing more to do with World Cup 2014.

“I ain’t want nothing to do with no football, don’t talk to me about no football period. I don’t care who win the tournament, nothing, I done with that! My team out and for sure I ain’t switching,” he said.



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  1. Rawle Maycock
    Rawle Maycock July 12, 2014 at 1:21 pm

    One team, Germany!

  2. Kim Kim
    Kim Kim July 12, 2014 at 2:27 pm

    Argentina got this…


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