Sandiford wins Under-12 chess

Kyle Sandiford of Harrison College has repeated as the Massy United Under-12 National Chess champion on his home territory as he won the tournament played at his school recently. Sandiford had to play to the top of his game as he scored five and a half points from a possible six, to edge out Tor Burrowes of Charles F Broome who finished on five points.

Under 12 champ Kyle Sandiford (right) battling Tor Burrowes.
Under 12 champ Kyle Sandiford (right) battling Tor Burrowes.

After Sandiford had defeated the then co-leader Fazeena Bassalat in round four, it looked like he would cruise to another championship. However in the last round, Sandiford found himself under some pressure from former Under-10 champion Pritika Kandamaran and when Burrowes won his last-round game against Tyrese King, Sandiford treaded carefully to ensure he did not lose and finish on the same number of points as Burrowes.

Finishing in third position on four points was Jacintha Adams of People’s Cathedral, who in a clash of the fairer sex defeated Bassalat in the last round to finish in clear third. With her spirited last round draw, Kandamaran finished fourth on tie-break just ahead of Rashad Crichlow in fifth, as both players finished on three and a half points.

Last round winners also included Joshua Milar, Rashon Chrichlow and Azari Gittens.

One highlight of the tournament was the commendable performance of the female players. Three of them placed in the first six places, and they continually were seen battling at the top boards. Once these players can hone their skills, it augurs well for female chess in Barbados in the future.



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