Taxes gone to waste?

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Government has issues collecting taxes, despite their drastic increases –– the latest being the Municipal Solid Waste Tax. But what is Government doing with the money it is indeed collecting? Is it spending it prudently or is money still being wasted, with no one being prosecuted for doing so?

This is what I want to know after being reliably informed that:

(1) $5 million was allocated to pay the light bills of people, many of whom are not the most vulnerable in our society.

(2) $60 000 in milk was purchased from PHD when it had a glut and said milk is now being given away.

(3) $1 million or more was paid to the courts so mothers going to court but receiving no funds could have their money. Government said it would get this money back from the delinquent fathers. Could I be informed if these funds have been recovered or at least have begun to be collected?

(4) Electrical and water bills are still being paid for people who live in Government-built homes, but these people are not the ones the homes were given to. In some cases the houses are now being occupied by those who are paying rent to someone other than Government.

(5) Persons have received NIS and welfare cheques for in some cases ten plus years, and they are not the most vulnerable in society.

Taxes have to be paid, but it hurts as a taxpayer trying to survive in this country, when I see our taxes being used in the abovementioned ways that suggest the Government is not practising the same fiscal restraint it is asking its citizens to.



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  1. Helicopter(8P) January 31, 2018 at 2:25 pm

    2,300 pounds of $100.00 USD bills would do Barbados well. That’s the equivelent to one billion dollars U.S. but that means cutting down a whole lot of forest, so here is the deal . A few billion dollar craniums are requested and the job is done without tranportation or energy costs. Welcome to the global village all peoples.


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