Stiffy cranking hard for Crop Over 2014

He is best known for his 2011 hit I Cah My Sheep In Town and he even made headlines that same year over plans to have him marry the said ovine.

Shane Atkinson, more popularly known as Stiffy Star Quality, is again riding the popularity wave for Crop Over 2014.

Stiffy Star Quality
Stiffy Star Quality

“The songs this year that I have are basically interactive . . . . I’m not doing anything fictional or far fetched. Wha’ I singing about is everyday Barbadian life. People can understand and relate to what I am saying, when I say it. It is entertainment,” he told Bajan Vibes.

The somewhat reserved Stiffy explained that his music is evolving. While I Cah My Sheep In Town has a “soca bashment” feeling to it, he is currently focused on producing soca/reggae fusions.

One of his hits this year is  Crank Like Yuh Pon Uh All P. Stiffy said he just wanted to touch base with “the younger crowd” on the party scene.

However, he dismissed suggestions that young, upcoming artistes such as himself have no appreciation for the traditional artform, known as calypso.

“For every song, there is a different bracket. You can’t put a social commentary in a bashment genre. Every song has its own genre, its own demographic for where it fits in. You can’t put bashment where social commentary would fit in. Every age group has it own likes. There will be always songs that people like for whatever reason,” he said.

“My take on it? What I am singing, my songs, are for whoever likes the music. I can’t pick out a demographic and say,  ‘this is for this body or that body’.  Whoever likes it, [is] interested in it, will follow and that’s it,” he said in dismissal of the critics.

Still he does not mind any constructive criticism. In fact, he suggests that artistes must be able to accept it when it comes.

“. . . . You have to take it in stride and stay in tune with your fan base. Stay connected to your people, [don’t] care what people say. If you believe in your art, your craft, your time, whatever you put your time into, that will be the end result of what your hard work is.

“Yuh can’t stop because this body say this or somebody say that, or there is a wall here or a wall there. If you like something, do it!

The performer emphasised that he was in the music business for “the love of it”, as well as for  his fans and family.

“I do it fuh everybody that like Stiffy, that hear Stiffy, that holla fuh Stiffy in the street.  I doing this for my people,” he stressed.

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