Grynner steals the show

Former road march king energises Regeneration Tent

Grynner has neither age in his head nor in his bones.

Grynner in his element onstage.
Grynner in his element onstage.

This veteran performer was in stark contrast to the lumbering Methuselah MC, who hobbled through the aisle troubling women during an enjoyable night at the Regeneration Tent Monday.

While 11 artistes danced and crooned their hearts out to an appreciative audience at the Sugar Cane Mall, it was the ‘ole dog’ of 40 years who stole the show, electrifying the evening and fittingly provided a robust ending to the       evening’s entertainment.

Before belting out Ah Coming, Grynner recalled for the audience – including the youthful members of the Regeneration Band – his 1976 first calypso competition win of a $100, stuffed in a envelope in the form of three $20 notes and an I.O.U. worth $40.

Organisers did well to have the seven-time road march king put a lively end to the first session, then bring down the house for the finale with his performance of Bimbi Lim, backed up by the entire Regeneration cast.

Grynner’s performance did not take away from the enjoyment of the mixture of young and not so young performers, among them, Footloose, who scored an encore claiming, A hard.

Mention must also be made of Itchy, who sang about a Bajan sugarcane with regional implications.

His lyrics go: “When I put it in they mouth, they don’t want to take it out … Trini sugarcane too small, it ain’t got no juice”.

Sus said he sold Yardfowls and had only female buyers seeking the male bird.

Malika’s performance was even more risqué since it involved dropping the Barbados flag on the floor.

The old man MC of the night was Larry Mayers.


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