Watch out for kyKycc

Young emcee looking to perhaps be the next Mac Fingall

Meet Kyle Cozier, aka kyKycc [pronounced Kick Ice].  

Some would already be familiar with him from the Alffing Around show with Carl Alff Padmore, aired every Saturday on Barbados TODAY’s video and social media platforms. Others might have seen him on stage emceeing this year’s Junior Monarch tent.

Kyle “kyKycc” Cozier on stage.

The 15-year-old St Michael’s School student is already making a name for himself as an up and coming comedian/emcee.

However, he tells Bajan Vibes his original intention was really to get into acting.

“I went to Alff after I was put on to him by my English teacher [at the St Michael’s School] Gloria Haynes.

“She gave me his number because I wanted to train for NIFCA [The National Independence Festival of Creative Arts] but I didn’t know what I wanted to do.

“I was hoping that he had something, so then I would act it out. But when I met him, he put me into advertisements, then led me into emceeing,” he said.

Along the way, Kyle also joined up with Alffing Around – a comical, kick back and welcome the weekend show and is fast becoming just as popular as the show’s headliner Alff.

“Love it,” posted Lisa Bayley after this week’s show which garned more than 100 likes, over 70 shares and more than 21,000 page views on Barbados TODAY’s Facebook page.

Her sentiment was echoed by Cecille White and Andrew Smart, while Claire Archer-Draper described the show as “hilarious holy cow, omg [oh my gosh]”.

“I like to hear when he call out he stage name, lol [laugh out loud]. Great comedian in the making,” said Sabrina Brathwaite, one of the many viewers who now look forward to seeing Kyle on a weekly basis and have been posting words of encouragement.

The over six foot tall Kyle, who has been taking formal training lessons from Mac Fingall, is looking to walk in Mac’s shoes some day.

The budding emcee in his element on stage.
The budding emcee in his element on stage.

But for now, he is happy with the response he has been getting and he cautions anyone who would like to get into the field that it is not as easy as it seems.

In fact, he was surprised to find that it is not only entertaining but also very tiring.

“I’m looking forward to it though, because Barbados really needs emcees,” he told Bajan Vibes.

I’m looking forward to seeing what I could do, hopefully make ya’ll enjoy the art of emceeing more [because] trust me, it ain’t easy,” he said with a laugh.

Which brings us to his stage name and its unusual pronounciation which too has been known to draw a laugh.

“It is actually my initials K Y K Y and my middle and last name C C.  The ‘kuh’ being silent came from my mother, I believe, and ever since then, after that, I just went along with explaining how to spell it and that was it.”

Kyle, who intends to develop his obvious comedic talent, is still trying to strike a balance between school and emceeing.

“Most of the managing is done my momma manager as I call her, or for short mum,” he said during the interview which took place under her watchful eye.

“What she says goes,” he added.

Still a child at heart, when he is not emceeing, Kyle spends time with his phone and his Xbox. As an average teenager, he also enjoys skateboarding, riding his bicycle or playing basketball.

He also confesses to his love for food.

“I am not a snack person, but I am a chocolate person and I love my Sunday food,” he said.

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