Tough competition

Who will make it into Pic O De Crop semi finals?

When the final decision is announced on July 18, it is quite possible that names like Dre, Popsicle and Sir Ruel, all from the House of Soca, could be among the 18 advancing to the next stage of Pic o de Crop competition, based on their performance on judging night alone.      


When Dre hit the stage, he said he had a lot to get off of his chest, while assuring last year’s composer of his music, Sir Don, I Got Dis.

My standard would never drop because my standard with my lyrics stinging like Don Juan, so you don’t have to worry Sir Don,” Dre sang.

This, as House of Soca pitched its tent at the St. Leonard’s School in Richmond Gap.

Dre went on to look at the West Indies cricket team and their dismal performances. He also looked at last year’s Party Monarch competition, in particular what one popular announcer had to say.

In his second number Obesity he sung about the dangers of the chronic non communicable disease and the effect that it was having on Barbadian society.

Sir Ruel is one to watch from among the young brigade, delivering What We Need. In it he says what was needed right now was reflection. “Wake up my people we cannot stay down,” he declared. “Shun recklessness, only pursue what we need, Don’t ever tempt fate if we are to succeed.

Sir Ruel
Sir Ruel

He also sang De Coup, which touched on the exodus of a number of artistes from one of the local tents. He had two solid performances and was immaculate on stage. However it was the performance of former monarch Popsicle which caused the tent to erupt on the night.

In the first half, he brought Fogging, in which he was dressed like a mosquito telling the story of the attempts that were being made to get rid of him. But what brought the show down was his second half presentation.

The one-time calypso monarch was in his element with Dah Don’t Bother Me, which looks at the economic situation and some of the ways it can be dealt with. It was a clever piece that earned him an encore.

Popsicle sang “I live at my mother, dah doan bother me, everyday bout I home getting treat like a VIP. So when I see de people in de paper wid tear rolling down their face, I doan worry bout that because I ain’t leffing my mudda place.

There were other good performances on the night.

Sammy G did a tribute to the 40 year old Crop Over Festival. She also sang Gem Of The Caribbean Sea.

Sammy G
Sammy G

Sugar Mickard was Looking For Kim and his uptempo The Bees Coming poked fun at some of the personalities on the frontline of local politics.

Malik was also very his entertaining self with The Captain In Charge.The quality show was further enhanced by performances from the highly talented Shakki K, as well as Jimmy Dan, Villain, Honesty, Gallon and Franswaa.

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