Reigning monarch launches music video

If it is one thing Ian Webster doesn’t plan to do is be boxed in.

Having won the Pic–O–De–Crop competition for the first time last year and being known over the years primarily for his social commentary, Webster plans to give the region and world a taste of what else he has for offer. Speaking at the launch of his first music video Doin’ Me and what could be considered his rebranding at the Line & Length Barber Shop at Sheraton Mall this evening, the musician said 2014 will be the year that the world will fully get to see the other side of Ian Webster.

Ian Webster at the lunch of his first music video.
Ian Webster at the lunch of his first music video.

“2014 is not a year to relax because I have won a Pic–O–De–Crop title but I view it as a year to build my brand and use the Pic–O–De–Crop achievements and successes as a stepping stone to do bigger and better things. One of the ways I have sought to do that is by first of all changing the brand of Ian Webster and who Ian Webster is,” the reigning monarch said.

“I don’t want to be pigeonholed into being viewed as merely a social commentator but I want to be viewed as an all–round musician, period. One who is multifaceted. I am a musician; I play keyboards, I can arrange, I write music, I am music teacher, I want to be viewed as musician,” he added.

To assist with the change, Webster joined forces with popular producer and lead singer of Strategy The Band, Kirk Brown. He said so far, the new link has been bearing fruit and things have been going well.

A member of the Headliners Tent, he is a semi-finalist this year in both the Sweet Soca and Party Monarch competitions with Doin’ Me.

“I am really pleased at this point with the way Crop Over 2014 has been going and I am going to continue to work hard, this is just the beginning.

“The Doin’ Me music video is out, Sweet Soca semi–finals is a mere days away and I am hoping when this is launched and goes on all the tubes that we will have a fantastic response and the world can enjoy Doin’ Me and seeing the visual. “Many people outside of Barbados may have heard about Ian Webster but may not have had an idea of what Ian Webster looks like or how he performs, how he does his thing. This now is an opportunity for them to see me in action,” Webster said.


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