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I‘ve always said that one should never start a fire if they are not willing to deal with the heat. Why should anyone be silly enough to roast their corn with gasoline when a small flame is all that’s necessary? I have seen it happening for the last few months and have been trying very hard to do as was requested by certain individuals; not to blaze the flames any higher than necessary. But I must say that patience and I are not always the best couple since I will spit the moment any nonsense pinches my nerves.

I am referring to the rather small issue involving the group of us who are no longer affiliated with All Stars Tent. Some people made this a big deal and rumours started to fly like locusts, but the funny thing is that the ones who are no longer in the said tent have not made any definitive statement so as to be the more civil minded ones in the whole thing.

What is driving me up a wall is the number of persons calling or messaging me, saying things they claim to have heard. I want to say a few things without totally exposing the real reasons behind the exodus of the tent members, and as this column is aptly titled, I Doan Care, it’s just how I feel after it all.

If it is that anyone could be so arrogant as to believe that being a manager of any organization is the main reason why it is doing well or appears to be, then they are simply either on the wrong side of the mental hospital or they are the best one man/woman team ever. No “i” is in team, so therefore it has to be a group effort to achieve a common cause. No one pays to come to a calypso tent just to see a secondary act unless that person is good enough to merit it.

One should always be very careful in choosing their supporting cast for any show, hence the choices for MC, back vocals right down to the backstage crew. It is all about team work. If your performers are not able to draw a crowd, then you will be faced with empty chairs every time you open your doors for a show.

A company in the service industry could have the best and most enterprising manager, however, if the service staff is uncouth and the product is poor then customers will stay away and the nice manager will have no business. I guess you see what I am saying here.

If you take away the good product from the manager, then there is nothing to see or sell. The silly rumours going around that the exodus is due to huge fees and disrespectful behaviour is just a way to hide the truth from coming to the fore. I just wish that persons would refrain from telling people that they did things for me for one, and the group of us who are no longer members of the tent. If you want to know who are responsible for the success of the individuals, ask us and then you will get a true answer. It is not nice walking about trying to get a pat on the back for stuff you have had no hand in grooming. The fortunate thing for my former tent is the fact that seasoned individuals made up the core. Individuals already tried and proven over the years, therefore management just needed to be able to lend the necessary support to keep these individuals. Unfortunately, they failed in that department. Management must be supportive of individuals and listen to things that affect them. I am part of management of the company I work for, and one thing that is done is we listen to the general staff to see where improvements can be made to provide a happy work place for them, and, in return, we keep our clients happy.


I believe in karma and have lived to see it in action. Persons who keep with the “Me! Me! Me!” attitude always end up alone. Things crumble around you and then you wonder why. I am not and will never be such an individual. To think it is all about me, I will have to be ignorant. My fellow tent mates are not such individuals either and for that reason I have stood in solidarity and will not be at Solidarity House with All Stars.

When poor advice is taken that leads to the fall of an empire, one can only blame themselves. Common sense is seldom applied in most of these cases which proves again that common sense is not that common. If I make a decision to do something and I am 100 per cent sure about it, I wouldn’t be running around trying to explain my decision to everyone who would listen. If I felt I made a stupid decision and needed to impress it upon others so I wouldn’t look stupid, then I would be doing my best to achieve that. That is what I am seeing and hearing happening of late. I sing calypso and have been known as a very straight forward individual, singing about the things or persons in public office or the spotlight who do or say ignorance. I have never been personal or defamatory in anyway, and can still see those individuals and say, ‘good day’.

I sang about the Prime Minister and I can still say, ‘hello Mr PM’ and not feel as though I have done him wrong. I only sing the things I truly believe in. I also expect persons to take shots at me and my colleagues but they should expect me to respond too. The only thing is I do it quickly and can rhyme on the spot. Such is calypso and the calypsonian, and Barbadians love it.

I choose to be crafty in saying things and it is often left to the individual to come to their conclusion. When you have a name that is easy to pun, calypsonians will have a field day, and if you happened to be the center of any matter you will be touched. The thin skinned will not survive in this arena.

I therefore trust that persons will not seek to spread untruths because I am well armed with the truth and enough evidence as to what brewed, where, when and how. I have been a member of the Conquerors Tent since 1993 under the management of Mr DeVere Browne right through to the merger with Klass Kaiso and Comedy and the birth of All Stars. For me to have reason to want to leave after 21 seasons or 20 years should say a lot in itself. None of us who moved on have any reason to speak untruths about what transpired, but if the silly messages and whispers by whom I would like to think of as a grown mature individual doesn’t cease I am quite sure the ignorance will be revealed.

As for my songs this season, in particular the one titled Constituency of Calypso, I want to say that it is simply about a representative professing his love for calypso being portrayed as a constituency in a Parliament setting, and the things affecting calypso. I love this art form, which is way bigger than me or any other individual who dabbles with it, one way or the other. Get past the past and look to the future. Less time should be spent trying to spread lies and work on building stronger representation for the art form. I am going to end here for now, but just as I will represent for calypso, I will represent for those who are the target of one person’s paranoid acts. The absence of five led to the absence of 11 individuals. That too says a lot in itself, and if it were me, some serious soul searching would be done as to why.


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