SSA steps up efforts for Crop Over

The Sanitation Service Authority (SSA) is urging the public to work with the agency during the busy Crop Over season to reduce the build up of garbage.

Public relations officer Carl Alff Padmore told Barbados TODAY the authority – a platinum sponsor of the festival – was once again working closely with the Ministry of Health to remind operators of food stalls of the proper disposal methods of garbage, cooking oil, and other items.

“Whatever you are using in the can we would want you to put those in a box or in one container and let us know that cans are in there. All of this would aid in the smooth removal of waste from the venue and minimize our loaders from getting cut because . . . we had cases where the sharp edge [of tin cans] would have penetrated the glove and even needles for whatever reason,” he said.

Padmore said SSA would also be going after individuals who dump indiscriminately along Spring Garden and other areas after events.

He explained: “What we don’t want is for you to have your events and dump garbage all throughout Barbados and not inform us, assuming that we would know and then expect sanitation to come and pick it up. We are saying it is a partnership. Also, the same way you pay the police, you pay your health inspectors, you pay for your licence, there is a small fee attached to bulk waste removal and commercial removal of your waste and we would want you to respect the Sanitation for that because if we have to remove it we are still going to bill you.”

The Barbados Chamber of Commerce and Industry donated over 20 garbage cans last week as part of its Bridgetown Alive initiative. The cans were decorated by students of St Ambrose Primary School.

Padmore said the Chamber agreed that the placement of cans at strategic locations in the city along with public education would help reduce the amount of garbage
in the Bridgetown.

“This project and this partnership also speaks to the whole idea of Barbados being recognised as a UNESCO Heritage site. What this prepares us to do is when people come into our city you can see these cans, which were decorated by young children, which are the responsibility of the adults so it’s a full partnership from the primary [level] to adulthood. We are very keen on this. We expect that they will attract people, to not only admire but to make good use of the bins,” said the public relations officer.


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