Webster gives karaoke leaks

Reigning monarch a hit in Headliners tent

Ian Webster has something to tell Barbadians about politicians and how sing to each other on the Barbados karaoke circuit, and if word is not yet on the street, go to Headliners Tent and say Barbados TODAY told you so.  

The Pic-O-De-Crop Monarch is running off his mouth about the goings-on nightly at karaoke sessions, Barbados’ most popular form of entertainment in rum shops, bars, and hotels. And more is to be expected when the “Boo” Husbands’ group put on their show again in the Hilton Ballroom Sunday.

All set for the gossip last week, Webster grew an Afro, went on stage in a plaid suit and scarf, and lampooned leading Barbados personalities, including politicians as he created cutting lines from a Jackie Opel classic to impersonate an Opposition politician saying, “You’re no good”; with a Government MP indicating she should take to the streets naked, as he carolled “Poor little rich girl” of the 1936 musical.

Ian Webster
Ian Webster

This brought to roaring life, the much too decent and sedate crowd in Charles Fort at Hilton Barbados on Friday night, with patrons demanding an encore performance of the dirty talk name.

Under the night sky, “Boo” gave thanks to hosts of the event, the Hilton, by suffering food and beverage manager Pradeep Rajan to a teasing Pradeep Wine rendition, which was a pun on the chutney classic by Crazy, Nani Wine, as the Indian national stood stick-like on stage.

In all, 11 artistes rocked the seaside locale on that third night of Headliners, some bringing messages and others conveying advice, but patrons were left wondering why Colin Spencer took the “Y” out of bullying.

“Boo” also wondered as he introduced Fabe to perform Can’t Stop The News. The MC noted: “Sometimes the Press don’t get the facts and they publish it,” and wondered: “What’s the point of banning the Press from your Press conference?”

Barbadians should not expect Blood to win anything this year as he admitted: “I don’t know how to come first; I don’t how to win.”


But there is hope for Adrian Clarke because he “loves calypso more than Mia wants to be Prime Minister”.

If patrons want more than the Scandal coming from young Mendicia, they should Fire One with Krystal Austin, and check with “Boo” for which supermarket it is that they can buy two boys and get one half-price.

Other Headliners at the Friday night show were Bumba, Smokey Burke, Summer Davis, and Krystal Cummins-Beckles.


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  1. Ryan Bayne
    Ryan Bayne June 26, 2014 at 11:04 am

    Peoples, will this be crown #2 for Ian Webster or what?


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