Sweet Soca, Party Monarch 18

The eighteen calypsonians to perform at the semi-finals in each category of Sweet Soca and Party Monarch this year have been chosen. The National Cultural Foundation (NCF) made the announcement yesterday evening.

The semi-finalists are vying for a coveted spot at Soca Royale, Bushy Park, St Philip stage.

The Sweet Soca and Party Monarch semis are set for Friday at Kensington Oval, where the NCF and Brewster’s Road Crew have partnered to stage the event.

The judging panel for the Party Monarch preliminary included Derek Marshall, Scott Headley, Dionne Knight, Kirk Worrell and Robin Jason Watson,led by chief judge Leslie Lett. The panel for the Sweet Soca preliminary included David Smooth Harris, Andre Hinkson, Michael Welch, Anderson Bolden and Brian Cole, led by chief judge Jude Eastmond.

The entire process was monitored by auditors Price Waterhouse Coopers SRL and arbiter Jeanelle Worrell.

The Sweet Soca and Party Monarch semi-finalists are as follows:

2014 Sweet Soca lineup
2014 Sweet Soca line-up


2014 Party Monarch line up
2014 Party Monarch line-up

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  1. Ryan Bayne
    Ryan Bayne June 23, 2014 at 8:31 pm

    Good line-up but I’m missing Statement in there since he’s part of a 3-way tie reserve.


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