Serenader looking fuh wuk

Just like the recently laid off Government workers, Serenader is Outta Wuk; so it’s no wonder that he would have to deal with Fine Ants On De Pork.


In typical tongue and cheek style, this veteran calypsonian, real name is Elonzo Brewster, is seriously attacking issues this year with Fine Ants On De Pork, one of his first offerings for the 2014 season, receiving strong airplay.

Fine Ants On De Pork came to me after viewing something. I thought it was wise to compose something about it, which I think is a fantastic choice because from the time it was released, I was amazed by its popularity,” Serenader told Bajan Vibes.

“It is a cleverly written calypso because you can’t tackle that subject [directly] and get away.

“Double entendre is my thing. I am very good at that. If you studied the history of me, you will see that is me. There was Jogging, Steel In There, Breakdown, all those kinda tunes. These are my real hard-biting songs,” he said.

His other rendition Outta Wuk was much easier to put together.

“I knew what I wanted. I wanted something to do with “outta wuk’ . . . . But I wanted a beginning. To me, the beginning was more important at that time, than the melody. For me, if you consider it, it like the beginning of the melody; it has to be strong.

“So I discussed it, and we came up with:


Are you wukking today? 

No, no! 

Are you wukking tomorrow? 

No, no! 

Yuh wuk yesterday? 

No, no! 

Did you get any pay? 


. . . The key hook at the start of the song . . . all this without any melody. I had to look for the melody, and from the time I found it, it was cool sailing from there.

Recording with Nicolas Brancker was a great help.

“ Man, Nicholas, he takes your song and he makes it a song,” said Serenader of the maestro producer/arranger.

“If you understand what I mean. He can take a weak song and he can turn it around.

“He was like, ‘I like this’, and if you see him working in the studio on my song! What we leave in the studio with him, when we come back we found something exciting.

“I hear this part: Oh lawd, uh bruk, uh can’t find no wuk.  It fit into the song like thunder, man!”

The former monarch told Bajan Vibes he would be going all out this year.

Serenader is going to be hard-hitting. I tried to be good [behaved with my lyrics] and you treated me bad. So now, I will be bad with my lyrics and see if you treat me good,” he quipped.

“So far it is going down well. So, as they say, so far so good. I am very happy with the response and the calls that I have been getting.”


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