No single path to success

The No. 2 at the Barbados Workers’ Union (BWU) has advised graduating students of the Grantley Prescod Memorial Primary School that when they set goals in life, they should think not only of themselves, but others as well.

Deputy general secretary of the BWU, Toni Moore, gave the advice to the 50 students as she delivered the feature address on the theme One Hope, One Goal, One Family at the school’s graduation at the Lloyd Erskine Sandiford Centre today.

Moore told the students that as they strove to live a successful life, it was important they not only focused on themselves, but also tried to encourage others to do the same.

She told them they must also be willing to work to achieve anything they wanted, noting that while there would be challenges and obstacles along the way, they should not give up, since there was no single path to success.

“Many of us are struggling because we have defined for ourselves certain objectives that we want to attain, but when the moment comes and the path that we think we are to pursue to achieve these objectives seems clouded, we become discouraged,” she said.

“If that path doesn’t work, you find another one because maybe the course you are on is not necessarily the course for you. We all have different goals and priorities; we all have different strengths and weaknesses.”

However, she added, the idea of “one goal, one hope” allowed different individuals to share the same aim.

“We all have different jobs. You all are going to different schools, you will be in different classes, you will make different friends; but together you can fulfil one goal and one hope. As long as you continue to hope and strive towards your goals, most of your goals and dreams will come to pass. The only failure is the one who quits; and if one way does not work, then try another. Believe in God and in your ability to achieve,” she said.

Moore used her career as a trade unionist as a perfect example of looking out for the best interest of her “brothers” and working towards a bright future for her country.

“Today I have never been prouder to be a trade union leader because what I do and why I do it is a lifestyle that speaks about brotherhood and being one and having one hope and one goal and being part of one family. I understand that when my brother hurts I hurt, when he rejoices I rejoice, and knowing that united we stand but divided we will fall,” she said.

“Being a voice to improve the well-being of the whole society, not just the hand, not just the head, not just the foot, not just the tummy, but the whole body and I am proud to be involved in a movement that will fight against all odds for a brighter hope, a brighter tomorrow for you, for me and for us all.”

Moore also encouraged parents to show keen interest in the development of their children, teaching them about setting goals and inspiring hope by being good examples.

The top student at Grantley Prescod Memorial Primary School was Ashley Phillips while top male student was Chad Howard.

Overall top student Ashley Phillips (right) collecting her prizes from Sherry Ann Bartlett of Lynch Insurance Brokers.
Sherry Ann Bartlett (left) of Lynch Insurance Brokers, presenting top boy Chad Howard with his prizes.

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