Experience ready for its 10th

Eleven calypsonians will be lifting their voices in praise when The Experience Tent pitches next Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. at The Plantation Theatre in St Lawrence, Christ Church

Manager Sean Apache Carter said the members of the ten-year-old tent were looking forward to ministering to the public again this year with strong Crop Over offerings.


“We always have strong positive messages. Our calypsos are wholesome and uplifting while dealing with topical issues, some of which the public can surely identify with. The cast, has been rehearsing in order to make sure when we open on June 25, that everyone is in good voice and the band is in form.

“We are looking forward to Crop Over 2014 and we do firmly believe that Christians and this tent have found their footing in this annual festival. It doesn’t have to be about wukking up and drinking to have a good time, and there are people who want good, strong lyrics that offer positive messages; and I believe this is why our sponsors to date . . . have given their support,” Carter said.

Apart from the opening and judging nights, The Experience Tent’s next show will be on July 11 at a venue to be confirmed. Co-manager Errol Griffith is working out those details.

Added Carter: “We are also going to have a show on Saturday, July 26, in Massiah Street, St John, and as we move around to the various communities, which is our intention, lovers of good kaiso will hear, in addition to my two songs Cry Fuh De Children and De Missing Ship, Paul Billboard Murrell, who went to the Pic O-De-Crop Semi-Finals last year in his first time competing, with Bout Hey Sweet and Never Too Young; and De Doctor (Kennedy Springer) who is back with High Praises and Dreaming.

“We also have two newcomers –– Jackie Lady Mums Watson and Carl Brother Carter. They will be singing Not Another One and It Ain’t Put Down and No Parking and Quick respectively.”

Carter, who was a Pic-O-De-Crop semi-finalist in 2011, noted that seasoned performers Samantha Sammijane Williams and James Slim Jim Leacock –– both former Party Monarch finalists –– would be competing with A New Kind Of Love and Policia, and Teach Me respectively.

The other members of the tent, who will face the judges on Friday, June 27, also at The Plantation Theatre, are Ron De Black Eagle Clarke (I Feel The Pain and We Got De Power), Matthew De Original Clarke Dan Clarke (I Gine Run and Pure Speech), Julianna Juel Trotman (Getting Ready and Signs) and Darnley Lyrical The Delivered Hinds (My God and Help From God), who is also the MC.

“We will be ready for opening night, next Wednesday, June 25. As usual, admission is free; but we welcome contributions,” said Carter. (DS)

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