Foul stench a headache

B’s operator firm on relieving residents of their distress

There is a foul secret causing a stink for some St Thomas residents, and the operator of B’s Recycling, Paul Bynoe, says he knows what is causing it, and he plans not only to clean it out, but keep it out as well.

 But, he’s not saying what he knows about the origin of the stench.

Speaking guardedly at a town hall meeting last night, Paul would only say that what was happening was “not good” and might even be deemed illegal.

Paul Bynoe and William Robinson of Arch Hall, St. Thomas having a chat
Paul Bynoe and William Robinson of Arch Hall, St. Thomas having a chat

“What I can speak with surety on is that I will seek to bring an end to the foolishness. Mark my words, as soon as I get the go-ahead for up there, I will be closing the road that is being used to cause the people of Arch Hall and the surrounding districts problems,” Bynoe said, as he refused to share what information he had about what or who was responsible for residents’ discomfort.

Bynoe’s comments came at a townhall meeting (attended by about 50 residents and business owners), called last night to discuss the relocation of B’s Recycling to Bennetts, St Thomas, and at which was raised a concern about the stench emanating from the landfill in the community.

Glendine Carter, one of B’s Recycling’s first customers. 
Glendine Carter, one of B’s Recycling’s first customers.
Residents “Junior” (right) and family who are all keen on recycling. 
Residents “Junior” (right) and family who are all keen on recycling.

Among those at the meeting was a representative of Sandy Lane, who contended that the authorities did not seem to care about the investment made along the West Coast since they allowed the situation to continue.

Ruth Russell-Innes said she was extremely frustrated.

“I live below the dump, and when the rain falls you can expect the stench. We can’t take any more. I recycle too; I don’t drop banana peels and so on in the garbage; there is a pile for that. I don’t throw scraps of food in my garbage. I have cats and dogs for that very reason. So it is not fair to us to be making the effort and have to get stunk out because of other people’s ignorance,” she argued.

Another resident complained: “When the foul odour ain’t got you quarantined, the dust and smoke got you peeping outside like a prisoner to see when it clear . . . . We can’t take no more.”

It was after hearing all the complaints that Byone said he would move on correcting the situation.

“The minute I get the okay to go ahead in one hand, the other hand will be calling to block that road. The back door will be closed,” he said.

William Yokoi, senior vice-president of R.J. Burnside, acknowledged that his company had conducted tests on the air quality at the landfill and was aware of significant emissions in the area. However, he said he was not at liberty to speak on the matter because the test was not done in connection with B’s Recycling.


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