City Fest ready to go

Everything is set for next weekend’s offical start to the 2014 Crop Over Festival.

This assurance came from senior business development officer with the National Cultural Foundation (NCF), Allison Sealy-Smith, during a Press conference today.

Senior business development officer  with the NCF, Allison  Sealy-Smith.
Senior business development officer with the NCF, Allison Sealy-Smith.

This year, the new Republic Crop Over City Fest And Ceremonial Delivery Of The Last Canes will, in addition to its usual cultural displays of the nation’s heritage, highlight the potential and importance of cultural and heritage tourism to the economy.

“We are still right up to the last minute encouraging people to come on board,” she said.

Smith reiterated that the event, which will take place on Saturday June 28 and run from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., will provide a unique outlet in  the many sections planned  for the event, for the merchants, vendors, artisans, artistes and designers to get involved.

“We want to give as many opportunities to our vendors as possible and, at the same time, privilege to people who are already in town. So we think that we’ve been able to maintain that balance by controlling the number and type of vending spaces that have been made available to entrepreneurs and businessmen,” she said.

“It will be regulated, it will be controlled; you cannot just come and set up; the police will be monitoring that. The important thing is that we not block roadway access to stores but every accommodation can be made to take advantage of the opportunity of having all of these people in Bridgetown.”

During the event, a number of traffic changes will be in effect, including closing off Broad Street to traffic. (RB/RG)

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