Time to make next move

RBPF, BDF yet to take up occupational standards of TVET

The Royal Barbados Police Force and the Barbados Defence Force are yet to take up new occupational standards produced by Government’s Technical And Vocational Training Council (TVET).

TVET’s technical officer Marilyn Rawlins told a workshop on Setting Standards In Safety And Security Practice at Courtyard By Marriott, Hastings, Christ Church, this morning that it was now for the two forces to make the next move.

Some of the senior officials in public and private security services at this morning's meeting.
Some of the senior officials in public and private security services at this morning’s meeting.

“When they are ready, we are ready.”

She explained that occupational standards (OS) were detailed statements of what people were expected to be able to do in their work roles.

“OS describe best practice by bringing together the skills, knowledge and attitudes of an occupation. OS are [also] valuable tools to be used as benchmarks for defining work roles, staff recruitment, supervision and appraisal and developing qualifications,” said the technical officer in her presentation to leaders representing more than 20 security operations in the public and private sectors.

She said, too, that TVET provided two types of assistance –– technical and financial. Rawlins disclosed that under its employment training fund, her agency would provide 75 per cent of the cost of training.

“We don’t fund administrative costs or certain materials for training. Certain entities we don’t fund, especially sdtatutory entities,” she asserted.

Rawlins informed the stakeholders that all companies which benefitted from TVET’s financial support must be trained according to its standards and must document how the firm intended to make it sustainable after training was completed. The technical officer made it clear that her council did not provide funding for retrenched workers, only for new staff and for upgraded training.

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