Passing grade

Good reviews for songs being produced this Crop Over season

Songs produced for the Crop Over season this year have been given a passing grade by some players in the industry.

Some entertainers say they are generally satisfied with the quality of music, but agree excellence is still a distance off.

Every Crop Over season, there are complaints about the quality of the songs produced.

Entertainer Kevin Hinds, also known as KB Kleen, told Barbados TODAY it was difficult to write a song and therefore when an artist produced one there should be more appreciation for it.

He said some people who criticized knew nothing about writing a song.

Kevin Hinds
Kevin Hinds

“That being said, I find that some of the music needs music. The horn has completely disappeared from the landscape of calypso and I would like to see that returned. I would like to see more depth and substance returned. But that is maybe only 30 per cent of the music, but the other 70 per cent pleases me, and I understand the direction it is going in,” he said.

The Madd Entertainment Inc. member added: “I would like to compliment the youngsters that are coming out and putting their best foot forward . . . . They have done well, but well is not what we are aiming for; we are aiming for excellence; and once they can achieve that over a period of time, I would be happy.”

Ricky Reid, whose stage name is Lil Rick, said residents needed to have a greater appreciation for the local talent, adding that even though everyone had their own style it did not mean they would be perfect.

“Some of the youngsters might have talent and not have a pretty voice, but they might be able to hold a rhythm and they might be able to write a good song. Sometimes these youngsters come up with some good songs,” he said.

And while acknowledging that not all songs should be about sex or “a big bam bam”, Lil Rick said it was a guarantee that some songs would include that.

Lil Rick
Lil Rick

“If you are talking about the bashment soca, to compare with the groovy, that is a new style that the youngsters are introducing to the soca art form because a lot of the youngsters have reggae influence,” he said, adding that Crop Over was the only vehicle for some people to get their music out.

Lil Rick added that he believed it was the people who were not paying attention to the music and not that the songs were being released too late.

“In the first week of May they had almost 100 songs out. And although those songs were out so early you have people now hearing those songs,” he said, adding that the deejays on the radio stations were “doing their best” to give them airplay.

Meanwhile, Peter Ram, whose given name is Peter Wiggins, said while he was satisfied with the music, in some instances, the quality was not the best.

Peter Ram
Peter Ram

“The people could be right at the end of the day. I myself try to please the people at the end of the day,” he said.

“What the people [are] really saying too is that every minute it’s bashment tunes coming out, and Crop Over is not really about bashment. Not that I am bashing the bashment, but at the end of the day it is the deejays that are clipping on to the bashment too,” he said, admitting that he was among those producing that kind of music during the Crop Over season.

He said, however, it was a way of catering to those who wanted to hear that type of music during the season.

Lead member of the alternative hip hop band NexCyx, Kris Clarke, told Barbados TODAY he loved all the lyrics that came out during the season, describing the local production as fantastic.

“I am always a fan of the Crop Over songs that come out . . . . So far so good. As usual a high level of music is being put out by the local artistes. Big up to the guys!” said Clarke.

“I think that for Crop Over it is still early for the season; we are now in June. A lot of people haven’t come out with their songs as yet. So I guess we will see in the couple weeks the solid songs that people are looking forward to with more depth and lyrics,” added Clarke.

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