Govt stuck in gear

speaking out


If you have to choose between being kind and being right, choose being kind and you will always be right. 

–– Dr Wayne Dyer, et al


We have been right so often in identifying the “mess of economic pottage”, which this current Government of Barbados has served up, we need now to be kind instead. First, however, we need to be kind to ourselves and recognize that the blinkered approach of “tax and spend” is a chronic infection in the planned economic landscape of this Government, no matter that tax returns dwindle.

We have to be kind to ourselves and accept that former Prime Minister (now) Sir Lloyd Sandiford and his administration dug a six-foot economic hole, whilst this lot has dug a ten-foot hole; and to get out of it will demand much more pain, and consequently we shall need more “Bengies”.

Indeed, while the Government is using a clutch of promises, they are still stuck in the “we are right” gear, despite being warned over and over since 2008 to change gears.

So since the DLP Government can’t seem to change gears, we the people need to seize the gear stick and let us send the only lubricant that will work.  Let us send love to members of the Government. Send love and we shall see change.




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