The doc who loves helping others

Everything that Dr Adrian Lorde has done in his near 40-year professional career has been a sacrifice –– for which he has never asked to be rewarded. Today, however, his efforts in the medical field, specifically sport medicine, were recognized with the conferral of Officer Of The British Empire (OBE) in this year’s Queen’s Birthday Honours List.

Speaking to Barbados TODAY this afternoon, Dr Lorde said he felt blessed and humbled. And while such an award  might change some people,
he was adamant it would not change him. Instead, it now serves as encouragement for him to continue to share his knowledge with the
rest of Barbados.

Dr Adrian Lorde
Dr Adrian Lorde

“I do talks; I help myself to learn various things, and I also travel widely at my own expense. And, a lot of what I learnt in sports medicine was at my personal expense . . . . So, I think that we need to recognize, we need to let people know what little of what we know, so it would help them to be even better persons . . . .

“Everything I have done was because I enjoy doing it. I like helping persons primarily because I recognize that the Barbados Government would have paid thousands of dollars to allow me to be educated at the primary, secondary and tertiary level, and felt that I should have given back something to the country –– especially now that people are more conscious of the actual dollar cost  of university education.

“I was fortunate to do a BSc; then I did my medical degree and Master’s in family medicine,” the 59-year-old said.

Lorde was the first of three children, and after having an interest in medicine from early, decided to follow his dream to pursue it as a career. But because funds were limited and he did not obtain either a Barbados Scholarship or Exhibition, this former Boys’ Foundation student turned to photography to finance his goal.

When photography could no longer sustain it, Lorde obtained a Student Revolving Loan.

Thanking his family, friends and teachers from all levels of his education for this success (particularly Ms Holder from Community College who taught him chemistry), he urged others to give back to the country through any type of community service activity. Further to that, he implored children never to let their current circumstances dictate their future.

“I fought hard get to get to where I am. I always felt that I could do it, regardless of whether I went to Harrison College, [The] Lodge School, Comberemere or Foundation; and I did that. My only challenge with medicine is that I didn’t get a Scholarship or Exhibition; so I had to virtually earn my way, while studying medicine –– and I did photography to do that.

“It taught me how to live on a small budget; how to make sacrifices and how to make ends meet.

“Don’t let any adversity stop you from doing what you want to do, going where you want to go. Especially, those who just passed the 11-Plus Exam, you can excel at any school, in any activity; and remember to be humble and give back to your society what your society has given you to make you what you are,” Lorde stressed.


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