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Once again, we are in the process of celebrating Father’s Day around the world, and the significance of the father should be highlighted in every manner. Fathers or male figures in a household could have positive effects in the rearing of their children. However, the absence of the father from the household can be attributed to several reasons such as divorce, separation, death or migration.

This concern prompted researchers, social scientists and psychologists to critically examine how children strive developmentally across their lifespan without actively involved fathers. They found that the absence of the father from the household has been linked to many negative drawbacks for the family as a whole, the community and the child/children at large.

Keep in mind that many children were raised without fathers playing a significant role in their lives and they yet turned out to be well adjusted civilized individuals. Although positive outcomes may have derived from such an arrangement, it is absolutely crucial for fathers to be involved and play a significant and dynamic role in the lives of their children.

Positive involvement is absolutely encouraging from a father figure who is also willing to be part of the child/children’s life in the event that they benefit. The following
are some of the benefits of having an actively involved father/father figure.

The father plays a significant role in the social and psychological development of the child.

His relationship with the mother of the child/children is one that is cohesive, loving and caring.

He is committed and dedicated.  

He serves as a role model for the child, which has some bearing on how men could and ought to behave to their spouses or partners in a positive manner.

 By treating the mother of the child with affection, respect and consideration, creates an environment for positive interaction among all. Since children mimic the behaviours of their parents, they in turn are highly likely to repeat the same behaviours. 

An involved father or father figure also shows an interest in the child’s academic performance by reading to his child; showing interest in his child’s education, well being; taking the child on outings; and supporting the child in its endeavours. Such children are more likely to earn better grades, have better language skills, while at the same time having built within them high self- esteem.  

The absence of the father has been linked to many negative drawbacks in society such as poor socialization skills, substance abuse problems, early criminal activity, truancy, acting out, teenage pregnancy, poor school performance and behavioural problems.

In contrast, the presence of the father could alleviate many of these negative problems, while assisting in the disciplinary approach in child rearing. Children raised with fathers who assist in the disciplinary action tend to seek positive ways to resolve conflict, frustration and aggression once they are taught how to do this. Children are more likely to discuss problems or challenges with an actively involved father.

In turn, behavioural problems would be at a minimum; therefore, involved fathers bring positive benefits to their children.

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  1. Sad to see December 1, 2014 at 8:34 pm

    My observation has been that, in Barbados, promiscuous behaviour is the reason most fathers are not present to create a loving family environment for many offspring. That was never the intention of either partner in the sex act, rather, the immediate thrill and social acclaim of having “had” someone. I’m not just referring to the fathers, mind you. Unless rape is involved the females have all the controls.


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