#1 Dad Winner with BT and Game Xpress

Alicia Norville was happy to express her feelings about her dad when she came across the #1 Dad competition on the Barbados Today’s Facebook page.

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Alicia Norville (center) collecting her prize from the #1 Dad competition from Kyle Legall (right), Game Xpress as Sabrina Greenidge Account Executive at Barbados Today looks on.

Her dad, Richard Norville, who has been living in Bermuda for 20 years, plays an integral role in her development and Alicia loves him dearly. “I don’t get to see my dad as often as I would like, so I had lots of feelings bottled up inside me and I thought this was the perfect opportunity to express them and inspire other dads out there. I don’t want to burden my dad all the time and tell him how much I love him and miss him, even though he always reassures me that I would be seeing him soon,” the winner of the #1 Dad entry admitted.

She also stated that she and her dad have a really good relationship and she will be giving the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 to her dad who wanted a tablet for a while now. ‘This would be my gift to him for being an awesome dad,’ blushed the twenty two year old. Alicia, expressed her gratitude to Barbados Today and Game Xpress for choosing her entry.

Kyle Legall from Game Xpress also expressed his sentiments in being part of the competition. “On behalf of Game Xpress, the #1 video game and electronic store in Warrens we congratulate Alicia Norville. Alicia’s letter was heartfelt, thoughtful and well deserving. Also thanks to Barbados Today for hosting and celebrating fathers with this wonderful Father’s Day promotion.”

The competition encouraged the public to state why their dad is #1 under Barbados Today’s Father’s day promotion called #CelebrateDad.

Here is the winning entry:

“My dad is a number one dad because first and foremost my dad is a man who strongly believes in putting mothers first.  With my dad, you can’t like him more than my mother or have him in the number one spot. He always settles for the number two spot with no complaints. As he states “Mom had us for 9 months and if she didn’t want us she would have aborted us, but she didn’t.” He always gives mommy the praise for raising us, which I admire and I agree with, but this story is what makes my dad one of many #1 dads.

My dad called us on a sunny day when I was about 7/8 years old, and had advised us he had gotten married, and gave a brief explanation of what
life was going to be like. It took me a lot of self-searching and questioning to have eventually accepted, that he wasn’t going to marry my mom, but once
he was happy that was all that mattered. I kept thinking he will neglect us and he won’t remember us, but of all things that he did not.

Based on how far apart we were (my dad lives in Bermuda and his family lives in Barbados) he made an extra effort to see us, when his job permitted it (yearly trips, Christmas trips, you name a holiday he would try to be here). He also made sure we had everything to make us comfortable with a few extra goodies, to keep smiles on our faces and never forgot to call us non-stop! That, I admire and appreciate so much, because starting a new life with someone new, one would think you’d become a little caught up, but that never happened.  We, his children, were always placed first and foremost, front and center.

My dad was always a really funny guy; he made jokes out of anything. I remember when I was starting to become a young lady and be interested in boys, and I would have loads of questions.  The first person I would come home and ask was my dad! I ran up our telephone bill making direct calls
just to talk to him about situations, what things meant, what I thought, what I was wondering and so on.

I always say that my dad has a heart of gold, he is always willing to help, he never speaks down on anyone, nothing is too great or small for him to assist anyone with, and he is always willing to give selflessly, family or not!

If you wanted a house built and can’t afford it, my dad was the man for you to talk to. He didn’t sit and think about your circumstances and judge you or wonder when he will be paid, he always did it from the goodness of his heart! No payment required, just the mere fact you needed it done and he could help, he would.

My favorite part was whenever I saw him or heard him call from a local number, I just couldn’t believe it, I felt like Santa was in town. It wasn’t about
the gifts and the jewelry, it was about seeing and being with my dad whom I never saw every second of every minute, every minute in every hour, and
every hour in every day, that God has allowed me to be on this earth.

I never felt as though he missed out on any parts of my life, as far as he was. When I wanted to learn to ride, we checked out a bicycle in Courts and
he bought it, the next year he came home to watch me ride it outside his house.

Back in 2008, when I entered my secondary school pageant, he was unable to attend, but I made sure I did my best, placing 4th, winning Best Gown and Most Photogenic.  After all the fireworks of the show, I came home and gathered all of my photographs from the show and emailed them to my dad. It took him little less than 5 seconds to respond stating how extremely proud of me he was, (he is always so encouraging and supportive) as this had been another milestone in my life, which I was able to blossom into a young lady, with amazing poise and self esteem.

Whenever he came to pick us up, to go and have days out or spend time with him the first thing he said was, “Come and give me a hug!” I always melted and I always cried! I’ll admit up until now at 22 years old I still cry when daddy holds me, or whenever I know he’s leaving. I really love him to bits, you know that saying “home drum beats first” – well he taught me unconditional love, distance was never the issue and it never will be because I believe soon enough my daddy will be home and we will live happily ever after.”


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