Two-day sexual abuse symposium next week

Sexual abuse encountered by students across the island will occupy the minds of those in the education sector next week.

The Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation will host a two-day symposium entitled Student Victims Of Sexual Abuse at Hilton Barbados for over 100 principals, guidance counsellors, senior teachers, education officers and tutors, particularly those from Erdiston Teachers’ Training College.

A key objective is to sensitize participants about sexual abuse, its impacts and ways to address these. It also aims to ensure that the education and training of principals, teachers, guidance counsellors, social workers and allied professionals reflect an understanding of and sensitivity to the needs and concerns of student victims/survivors of sexual abuse.

Additionally, it is expected to ensure that management staff of educational institutions is equipped with appropriate knowledge to address the incidence of child sexual abuse and educational institutions are aware of child sexual abuse programmes and services which are responsive and appropriate to their needs and that they are empowered to make     informed choices.

During the symposium there will be presentations on Symptoms Of Sexual Abuse In StudentsHow To Manage Disclosure Or Suspicions Of Sexual Abuse and a plenary session on the Draft Mandatory Reporting Protocol On Child Abuse.


Source: (BGIS)

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  1. Mac10 June 14, 2014 at 11:04 am

    This is great. It is such an important subject, please open it up to parents & carers too.


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