Top girl Aisha’s sacrifice pays

Even before the 2014 Common Entrance Examination results were announced, Aisha Waterman knew she would be headed to Harrison College in September.

The top student at the St Gabriel’s School, with 96 per cent in mathematics, 99 per cent in English and an A in the composition, didn’t go as far as asking his parents Shalana and Ainsley Waterman to purchase the new uniforms. But she had already made up in her mind that come the first day of the new term they would be escorting her through the hallowed halls at Harrison College.

Aisha Waterman
Aisha Waterman

The 11-year-old told Barbados TODAYthat she was so determined for this to happen that in preparation for the exam she worked specifically toward this goal.

Everything she did –– giving up gadgets, including her much loved Kindle and watching less television –– she did willingly with College on her mind.

“I always really liked the school. I’ve always heard of it: that it is a really good school. So I was kind of fascinated with it and decided to work towards Harrison College,” the smiling youngster said.

So when she finished the mathematics section of the exam 25 minutes into it she said she freaked out that she might have messed up her chances of her lifelong dream.

“. . . Because I thought that I would make a lot of careless mistakes. So I just checked over until the very last second and then I prayed, because I forgot to pray in the beginning. Then the bell rang and we were done, and I just really hoped I was good. I was confident,
but I was aware there would have been a chance for mistakes. I knew I did my best; so there was nothing else I could do but just hope that I got in,” she said.

Having attained her goal and further topping it by becoming the ninth top performer in the island, she said words could not describe how she was feeling. Waterman said her parents, knowing how much she wanted to attend Harrison College, were happy for her, if not happier –– if that is even possible, the star athlete and St Gabriel’s netball captain jokingly remarked.

On her future, Waterman said she wasn’t settled on what she wanted to do, but noted there were many objectives she hoped to achieve. In the meantime though, her concentration would be first on spending the summer holiday, catching up on the entire Harry Potter series and hopefully visiting Paris, France, with her aunt.

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  1. Paula-Anne Moore
    Paula-Anne Moore June 14, 2014 at 11:38 am

    Nice article Shalana Waterman! Congrats again to you all!


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