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One of the island’s most promising Christian artistes has released an original song in salute to fathers to coincide with this year’s Father’s Day.

Arnal Gozzy Goslin’s Thank God For You, that hit the airwaves yesterday for the first time and online the day before, sees his song as a recognition of the kind of father and husband that God wants him to be.

The song is one of the tracks from his upcoming debut album Get Back To You, and was inspired by a message from Genesis 18:19 delivered by his pastor.

It read: “I have chosen him [Abraham] to teach his family and to obey Me forever and to do what is right and fair. Then I will give Abraham many descendants, just as I promised.”(Contemporary English Version)

His Thank God For You release is particularly personal, in that the “you” refers to his family. A music video of the new song is also expected to be released soon.

As far as the album is concerned, Gozzy is hoping to launch it in the latter part of this year, but is in need of financial assistance to finish it and get it on the market.

“Since I have never had a concert before, I’m thinking of launching [the album] in that way,” the artiste said.

In the lead-up to the official launch of the album, Gozzy told High Note that he would be releasing some of the tracks for free download.

Of the eight songs he has done, only one –– Our God –– a collaboration with Hoszia Hinds, is not from Gozzy’s pen. He has been on various compilations like Blood Washed. Gozzy has so far released originals such as All Of Me, Worship Is, Rooted, Free, Jah Bless and When I Can’t See.

This multitalented artiste, who sounds a bit like Bob Marley, fuses reggae with worship and other genres such as soca, rock and R&B to come up with a fresh, yet “rootsy” blend of gospel music. He believes his ministry was created to challenge Christians and non-Christians to know and experience the fullness of God by delivering the untainted Word of God in song.

Gozzy has laid down an uncompromising goal for his music ministry: to take the message that God’s Word is life throughout the Caribbean and the rest of the world.

In other happenings, we bring to your attention an event in Christian circles in Barbados, which has –– to my knowledge –– never occurred before. A free concert featuring 100 per cent dance will be held at the Church Of The Nazarene in Collymore Rock, St Michael, on June 28, beginning at 6:30 p.m. Host group Vessels Of Honour
Dance Ministry
, which is based at the church, has invited a number of other dance ensembles to perform.

We are talking about such groups as Dancing Prophets Dance Ministry, Messiah House Dance Ministry and CLTC Dance Ministry. The 55 plus-strong Vessels Of Honour Dance Ministry comprises preteens, teens and adults, and promises to produce the most dynamic and uplifting dance experience ever witnessed in Barbados.

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