Shamoya credits God for her success

Shamoya Carter treated the Common Entrance Exam like any other test.

Shamoya Carter
Shamoya Carter

She didn’t go to extra lessons, do any additional homework or revise extra hard.

Instead, the top girl at Wills Primary School, who earned 248.05 and an A in the exam did her work as she always did, and left everything else to God. And she credits Him for her success, and thanks her parents, teachers and peers for their support and motivation along the way.

Carter is eagerly looking forward to starting her secondary education in September at the school she has always wanted to attend.

“I feel happy about my performance, and when I get to Harrison College I will be thinking about joining the choir,” the confident Class 4 student told Barbados TODAY.

Carter is not the only one celebrating at the Maxwell, Christ Church school.

James Adam will be attending Queen’s College while Destinee-Star Serrao will be heading to her school of first choice, The St Michael School. (AF/RB)

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