Proud moment for Gavin

Gavin Pennegan has already made a mark as one of the island’s top performers in this year’s Common Entrance Examination.

Gavin with classmates.
Gavin with classmates.

But the Charles F. Broome Primary School student wants to leave a bigger stamp. He intends to get on the right track when he moves on to Harrison College next term.

“I am looking forward to doing chemistry when I get there . . . . I like to take things apart and put them together differently. When I grow up I would like to be an inventor,” he said with a smile, as he sat among his classmates this afternoon.

He was speaking to Barbados TODAY just over 24 hours after receiving the news he was among the top 17 performers, gaining 100 in maths and 95 in English with an A in composition –– which landed him a place at his school of choice.

“My parents expected [that I would be tops]. I expected it,” the ten-year-old said as he took a break from reading.

The news also came as no surprise to his class teacher John Gittens.

“Gavin was a phenomenal student from the time he entered Charles F. Broome. It was as if the teachers here recognized his academic pedigree. He is very meticulous, easy to teach. He knows his stuff,” Gittens said.

“There are times when we are going to do a test and he can tell you exactly how much he is going to score on that test. Just like during the Common Entrance. He came and said, ‘Teacher, I am going to score 100 in the maths paper’; and so said, so done.”

Celebrations at Charles F. Broome over the Common Entrance Exam have also extended to Jaimie-Lynn Gibson who shared top position with Kacie Corbin of St Winifred’s and Yohance Lewis of St Cyprian’s, all of whom scored 248.77 with an A in composition.

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