‘Drunken driver’ reportedly kills sisters and niece, and injures two

GEORGETOWN –– Two sisters and their four-year-old niece are now dead, and two other persons critically injured after an allegedly drunken driver slammed into them at Phillipi on the Corentyne Coast. The driver had initially struck down another man and was escaping from the scene when he hit the girls.

   Those dead are Shamain Cort, 4; Tabithia Latoya Bagot,18; and her sister Malkie Wanita Bagot, 15. Delroy Park, 28, and Matthew Mc Bean suffered serious injuries and were said to be critical.

From left, Malkie Wanitia Bagot, Shamain Cort and Tabithia Latoya Bagot. They were killed yesterday evening in an horrific road accident on the Corentyne Coast.
From left, Malkie Wanitia Bagot, Shamain Cort and Tabithia Latoya Bagot. They were killed yesterday evening in an horrific road accident on the Corentyne Coast.

The driver has been identified as 19-year-old Nakesh Persaud of Number 51 Village. He reportedly told the police that he thought it was donkeys he had hit at Kilmarnock and Phillipi. The vehicle he was driving was reportedly rented from a popular rental agency on the Corentyne.

According to reports, around 7 p.m. yesterday the driver of the gold-coloured Spacio, who was reportedly under the influence of alcohol, hit the five people in three separate incidents, killing the three girls on the spot. It all started when he hit Park, 28, at Kilmarnock Village, and sped away. However, in the process of driving away from the scene he slammed into the girls a few hundred metres away in the nearby village of Philippi, flinging them several hundred yards in the air.

The driver did not stop. Instead, he accelerated, but was chased by public-spirited citizens. In his escape bid around four villages away at #35 Village he hit Matthew McBean who was riding a bicycle at the time before losing control and plunging into a nearby trench.

By this time the residents who were giving chase from Phillipi caught up with him,  dragged him out his vehicle and gave him a sound thrashing. Residents also dragged the vehicle he was driving out of the trench and attempted to set it alight, but police arrived on the scene and intervened saving the driver and vehicle. He was taken to the Port Mourant Hospital where he received medical attention and placed in police custody.

Incidentally, four of the five victims were returning home after making purchases from nearby shops. Guyana Times was told that the Bagots had gone to the shop to get phone cards to call their mother who migrated to the United States only a few days ago. They decided to take along their  niece and were returning from the shop a few houses away when the car veered off the road and slammed them from behind.

The girls were rushed to the Port Mourant Hospital where they were pronounced dead on arrival. McBean was also returning from the shop after buying a phone card; he was also taken to the Port Mourant Hospital where he is receiving medical attention and is said to be critical. He was later transferred to the New Amsterdam Hospital.

Meanwhile, speaking with this newspaper, Pastor Ewart Bagot, a relative of the girls, said that Malkie was a student of the Lower Corentyne Secondary School and was currently sitting the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC). He said after hearing the impact, they rushed to the scene where they saw the girls lying some distance from each other. All appeared dead. Their shoes were found scattered on the parapet.

Pastor Bagot said the four-year-old was found on the shoulder of a nearby drain with her body covered in blood.  Additionally, he said Malkie’s head appeared to have been crushed from the impact of slamming into a lamp post. With regard to Tabithia, she was found lying motionless with blood oozing from her ears and mouth.

Another relative related that the girls were on their way back home from a grocery store while he was sitting on the verandah when he heard a loud noise and screaming.

He said he then rushed out on to the road to see what had occurred.

“Whilst waking to the bus shed I recognized the pants my sister was wearing, and after I saw her lying in the middle of the road I run to see what happened, then I holler, ‘Where Toya and Shamain deh?’,” he recalled saying tearfully. When he looked he saw Tabithia lying on the side of the road with Shamain next to her.

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Source: (Guyana Times)

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