Health Fair in the city

Minister of Heath John Boyce using an apparatus that determines the strength of his lungs.

A national health expo is being staged in the city to assist Barbadians in learning more about their health and changing their lifestyles.

A number of health checks were conducted during the fair.

The activity, underway at Queen’s Park, is organised by the East Caribbean Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists under the theme Creation Health: come know your numbers.

Speaking during the opening ceremony, Minister of Health John Boyce commended the church for its “exemplary work” in the prevention and control of chronic noncommunicable diseases.

However, he said, Barbadians also need to take charge of their own health and commit to leading healthier lifestyles.

According to Boyce, the ministry intends to deepen its partnerships with faith-based organisations.

We know that faith-based organisations are vital to the communities in which they are located and now more than ever they should be engaged as partners in the movement for 100 per cent access and zero health disparities,” he said, while disclosing that preliminary discussions were held last week with representatives of the Barbados Reiki Association.

“We anticipate that this association will develop a successful substantive and mutually beneficial partnership that will lead to improved health outcomes for individuals and communities,” he said.

There is much work to be done in the area of health promotion and the ministry cannot do it alone.”

A number of items were set out to show residents what they should be eating





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