Lowe will have ‘a lot to say’

Minister of the Environment Dr Denis Lowe, who has come under fire for the controversial layoffs at the National Conservation Commission (NCC), plans to have his say on the retrenchments. But not before the Employment Rights Tribunal rules on the matter.

Speaking ahead of this afternoon’s meeting, Lowe, under whose portfolio the NCC falls, told reporters he had no intention of commenting before the tribunal decided the fate of the approximately 200 dismissed workers.

“I know that you have heard me say before . . . that I don’t consider it appropriate to voice an opinion on the process until all negotiations have been completed and a decision has been handed down. I will assure you this, though, when that has been achieved, this minister will have a lot to say.

“And I hope when I say it that you guys will carry it in its original, authentic form.”

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