Awesome trip for Alison

Soca queen says her visit to Jeju Island was an amazing honour

Mind-blowing was just about what it was for Soca Queen Alison Hinds during her recent trip to JeJu Island in South Korea for the Business And Professional Women’s International Congress last month.

“It was an awesome, awesome experience to have the opportunity to go to Jeju Island, which is the island of women, and to have an audience of 1,000 women from all over the world as my audience; my captive audience,” she said on arrival at the Grantley Adams International Airport on Saturday.


Hinds noted that to have the chance, not only to represent the Business And Professional Women, but Barbados and the Caribbean, was “an amazing honour”.

“I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know how soca music was going to be received in a place like South Korea.  [And] I was right in the beginning, because no one had ever heard of soca.  They didn’t know where Barbados was; they didn’t know where the Caribbean is. I was able to take soca music for them, and they loved it. They embraced it,” she gushed.

Her trip followed her appointment in February as the International Federation Of Business And Professional Women International’s Goodwill Ambassador.


Crowned the undisputed Queen Of Soca by fans worldwide, Hinds’ powerful, emotional vocals and high-energy live shows are legendary in Caribbean music.

Hinds said the trip to South Korea, though different, provided an opportunity for her, through the BPW, to take the art form further.

“I have been able to make a number of connections. There was a club called Monkey Beach; we got to meet the owner. [He] heard about my music and me, and wanted [some of it]. I sent him about eight songs and he wanted more. I sent him about twenty-something of my songs and he loves [them].

“He has never heard [soca] before, has never been exposed to it before, and what he wants to do is start playing it in his club. He has two others in Seoul . . . and he wants to start getting people familiar with soca music,” Hinds said.

She also revealed that there had been interest from within the Middle East for soca.

“Bahrain is interested in my coming to perform for them. Egypt, for sure, want me to come and perform. Australia . . . so there are quite a few. There was also a hotel who wanted to know if I would come back to Jeju for a month.”


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