Mega Mondays with Baje

Monday is usually seen as the worst day of the week. That’s when you go back to work after what for some might have been an epic weekend.

However, bandleader Richard Haynes says Baje International is out to change that this Crop Over with its 2014 offering Mega Monday. Launched with a host of fireworks and a spectacular lighting display, the Old Fort at Hilton Barbados came alive with a host of colour from those onstage and off.

Richard Haynes
Richard Haynes

“To many people, Monday is just the beginning of the work week, a day for copious amounts of coffee and clock-watching, and it’s nothing to be celebrated. But for us in the Caribbean there are several times a year that Monday captures pure bliss. It is a day when we clap our hands and raise them high as we fully express our culture.

“We have redefined Monday as the ultimate fete day; from an impressive number of bank holidays where we lime and party like only we can, to the massive Labour Day Parade, Notting Hill, to Machael Mondays, which really starts Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival, to J’Ouvert mornings in St Lucia, Antigua, Grenada, St Vincent, and in Barbados, Crop Over.  Things really pop off on the first Monday in August –– our Kadooment Day.

“When it comes to unforgettable days with incredible vibes up to all, step aside world, because Mondays belong to us,” Haynes told Bajan Vibes.

He noted that this year Baje International had tried to raise the bar, with each section carrying jewels, as opposed to the traditional beads.

“It is not about the beads any more. We are not only trying to compete against local competitors, we are flying the Bajan Flag. We are competing against the Brazils, the Trinidads, all of the other great carnivals of the world.”

Patrons at Baje's band launch.
Patrons at Baje’s band launch.

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