Nexcyx rocks crowd with SATURDAY performance

A Nexperience of epic proportions!

That is the only fitting way to describe the incredible concert held by Barbadian band Nexcyx at De Bond at Kensington Oval on Saturday night. The warehouse was completely transformed to the point where patrons were transported to the latest, most high-energy club on the island.

De Bond at Kensington was transformed in a banging club last Saturday night.
De Bond at Kensington was transformed in a banging club last Saturday night.

DJ Puffy created the party atmosphere before the main acts took the stage, playing popular songs from today’s artistes and also taking everyone back in time with some hot blasts from the past.

At minutes to midnight, it was time for the Nexperience to truly begin as the band, comprising Mahalia Cummins, Kris Clarke, Russell Padmore, Andre Clarke and Chad Hinds, took the stage. The hundreds of fans and music lovers present flocked to the platform as Nexcyx opened with their popular single Gossip Girl. And it only got better from that point on.

The band then introduced the new song Here To Stay, followed by a soca version of the hit song Royals, originally by British singer Lorde. That number demonstrated Nexcyx’s outstanding ability to transform a song in ways the average mind would have never thought possible and make it unique –– completely theirs.

Barbadian singer Simon Pipe joined the band on the stage with his song If Only These Walls Could Speak, after which he was joined by the beautiful Livvi Franc for a rendition of Through These Blinds.

Livvi, who has gained international recognition for both her vocal and songwriting skills, treated the audience to her self-penned songs Champagne and What Now?, the latter made famous by fellow Bajan superstar Rihanna. Her voice took everyone on a musical journey, leaving them breathless and wanting more.

Nexcyx then hyped up the crowd with two of their popular hits One More and Nightclub Superheroes, and subsequently introduced another new song What About Today.  Local rapper Teff followed, performing a piece with Nexcyx’s lead singer Mahalia entitled Starz. Then the band got the crowd jumping with an energetic performance of On The Floor.

Bajan singer Rochelle, who Nexcyx groupies would recognize from their McBride’s days, joined the band onstage and she and Mahalia performed a haunting duet of Alanis Morissette’s Uninvited. Their voices blended so perfectly! And during their performance the audience was deathly quiet, only to erupt in loud screams and chants of “Encore!” after the last note.

The band picked up the tempo with an old school jam session, including the theme song from Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, that seamlessly transitioned to an instrumental interlude featuring ace saxophonist Arturo Tappin, who impressed all with his verson of Jason Derulo’s hit Talk Dirty.

After Nexcyx performed the ever popular Happy by Pharrell and Maroon 5’s hit Moves Like Jagger, which won a contest last year on RyanSeacrest.com, it was the moment everyone present had been waiting for –– the surprise megastar. It was none other than lead vocalist of the American dance-pop band Cobra Starship, Gabe Saporta. The singer discovered Nexcyx some years ago at an Old Year’s Night party here on the island and was so impressed he pleaded with them to play at his wedding in Barbados last year and they happily obliged.

Saporta performed two of Cobra Starship’s hits Good Girls Go Bad and You Make Me Feel . . . . Nexycx finished off the incredible event with their newest single In Da Club and last year’s hit Eternal Summer.

Gabe Saporta and NexCyx front woman Mahalia Cummins.
Gabe Saporta and NexCyx front woman Mahalia Cummins.

The band kept the energy up the entire night, from beginning to end and certainly exceeded everyone’s expectations. There is no reason why Nexcyx should not be performing at the international level, and, fingers crossed, sooner rather than later. Saturday night’s show was truly an experience which will not soon be forgotten.

As a sidenote, Saporta got married here in Barbados last year to designer Erin Fetherston.

The celebrity couple, in Barbados celebrating their first wedding anniversary, first met the band on the night of their engagement and invited them to play at their Martha Stewart-featured nuptials last May. They were so impressed by NexCyx’s performance, Saporta decided to return the favour for the band’s biggest show to date.

Kris, who is the bassist and the NexCyx bandleader said: “Gabe and Erin are very special to us [and] . . . we were very happy that Gabe was able to share the stage with us for NeXperience, especially around their anniversary.”



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