Drive-by ends in death

A St Philip family is in mourning tonight, after one of its own was gunned down this afternoon in a drive-by shooting at Lynches in the same parish.

Derek Hunte, who police said was in his late 40s and lived in the same district the shooting took place, was shot while on the block with a group of men.

Police Public Relations Officer Inspector David Welch reported that a vehicle drove by around 3:25 pm, shots rang out and Hunte ran off before he collapsed and died.

No one has been held so far and investigations are continuing.

Meanwhile, police have arrested and charged Clyde Shaquille Sargeant of 5th Avenue, Skeete’s Road, The Ivy, St. Michael in connection with a shooting incident at The Ivy on May 8.

A man was shot and injured in that incident. As a result, Sargeant is facing four charges – wounding with intent, use of a firearm, affray and criminal damage.

When Sargeant appeared in court yesterday, he was remanded to prison until June 30, when he has to be back in the District “A” Magistrates’ Court.


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