Clergy call on drugs

Time to set the record straight on drugs and gambling usage in bim, says Reverend

A high-ranking member of the Anglican Church in Barbados is calling for national discussion on gambling and marijuana use.

Reverend Canon Peter Haynes says there continues to be conflicting messages on the two issues, and there needs to be consensus on how the country proceeds.

“We need to thrash out the issues and see where we want to take the country,” he told Barbados TODAY.

“We say we don’t have these things but yet at every turn there is gambling, people buying tickets and people engaging in it but yet we say its not here. We say we’re cutting out smoking but yet marijuana use points to smoking so we need to face the facts of life somewhere along the line.”

Reverend Haynes first raised the matter during his sermon delivered yesterday morning during the Crop Over thanksgiving service held at the St Peter’s Parish Church.

As it relates to the festival, he urged revelers and others taking part in the festivity to conduct themselves with respect at all times.

“We enjoy the Crop Over as we are called to do. It is part of our tradition, part of our history but do it with a sense of reverence, with a sense of dignity and to remember that we are a people of God,” he advised.

Meantime, Minister of Culture Stephen Lashley, who was among those attending the church service, said that plans for the festival are progressing “exceedingly well”.

“I believe that we are on to a very good start for this year’s Crop Over. I’m still predicting that this year will be even bigger than last year. The response from Barbadians is already phenomenal and everything is in place. The National Cultural Foundation continues to do a very good job. The team has been mobilised for some time now, led by the CEO and they continue to plan and to ensure that the festival can be executed at the high level that we’ve always been accustomed to,” he said.


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