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Organisers say Gospelfest 2014 was the best ever



Regrettable! That’s how it must be for those who could not attend any of this year’s Barbados Gospelfest musical events, especially the Pinehill Dairy Ultimate Gospel at the Wildey Gymnasium last Saturday night and the LIME One Awesome Day at the Farley Hill National Park the following day.

For the organisers, this year was one of the best ever.

“This year, we got more things right, than wrong,” Executive Producer, Adrian Agard told Barbados TODAY.

“In terms of attendance, the Pinehill Dairy Ultimate Gospel was the biggest ever,” Agard declared.

The reason I started by suggesting that it must be regrettable for those who could not attend was because, I thought, the Ultimate Gospel lived up to its name. In all the many years I have been involved in gospel music in Barbados, that has to be the height of all my experiences.

It reached a level – spiritually, musically and aesthetically – never before achieved in my view. Others have come close, but as a total package it remains untouched to date.

I have never had such a feeling at any previous concert, especially those moments when the Barbados Gospelfest Mass Choir took the thousands of patrons who filled the Gymnasium to capacity, on an “extraterrestrial journey” with that massive hit song I Know Who I Am.

The Barbados Gospelfest Mass Choir led by Lester Welch.
The Barbados Gospelfest Mass Choir led by Lester Welch.

It is not often that the Gymnasium is packed and to see people in every single stand and on the floor standing and singing that song with gusto in one voice. Oh, the feeling and the sight!

I was simply tingling. And even as I am writing this . . . honestly, I feel to cry. That moment still lingers in my mind and I can still hear the voices of the Gymnasium Cathedral Choir saturating the atmosphere and creating an awesomeness.

Then there was headliner – Grammy award winning gospel music icon Hezekiah Walker and his Love Fellowship Choir. Well, Bishop Walker kept the quality, standard and spirit of the concert going higher. His interaction, his dynamism, his ability to minister to the soul in word and song, maintained that sense of worshipfulness that existed on that night.

His approach was one of a praise and worship style. He went through big song after big song but from the time his backing band struck up the first few chords to his smash hit Every Praise, seats were emptied as peopled filed to the front of the stage. That song, as they say, “dun up” everything.

The Gymnasium Cathedral Choir was in great voice as they sang every word along with Bishop Walker and his group. It was a sight of all sights and an experience of all experiences, to hear so many people singing…I mean, and singing beautifully, strong and passionately.

There is not enough space to elaborate on that evening of the Pinehill Dairy Ultimate Gospel when every single artiste, including the NIFCA gold award winning mimer, Andre Belle, was of the highest standard and quality as they mesmerized, inspired and uplifted the thousands who were fortunate to be there in living colour. Tomorrow, I will tell you how I felt about One Awesome Day at the Farley Hill National Park.

Hezekiah Walker in action
Hezekiah Walker in action

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