Record company lands major deal

One local record label company has landed a major contract with a distributor in Britain that could result in thousands of dollars in revenues over the next two years.

Following this year’s MIDEM Festival in France, CRS Music & Media Ltd was able to forge a two-year partnership with Nova Sales & Distribution UK Ltd.

That company is an independent distributor in Britain with 150 record companies and over 60,000 audio tracks available.

Chief executive officer of CRS Music, Stephen Lubin, said the contract would allow for Nova Sales to start distributing his company’s CDs throughout Britain from next month until June 1, 2016.

CEO of CRS Music & Media Ltd Stephen Lubin.
CEO of CRS Music & Media Ltd Stephen Lubin.

Lubin was sharing his MIDEM Festival success story during a media conference organized by the Barbados Investment & Development Corporation (BIDC) at Pelican Village today.

“We have had some tremendous success and I am very proud to announce that yesterday we received a contract from the UK from a company called Nova [Sales &] Distribution. Their sales and marketing is through Universal, which is one of the major companies in the global music companies,” he said.

“We now have set a deal up that will see CRS’ product available for distribution in the UK, which is fantastic. And it is not just our own catalogue but we shall also be actively soliciting any product that we distribute and I am hoping [to] include things this year like Blood’s new album. So there is a tremendous achievement and it is something tangible that we have in our hand,” he added.

Lubin, who has attended the MIDEM Festival seven times, said it was an opportunity for him to meet people “from all over the world”, adding that such partnerships were critical especially now as the island continued to struggle economically.

Thanking the BIDC for the opportunity to be a part of the group this year, Lubin said: “It has already given us tangible results and future revenues, which is fantastic in these difficult times for the music industry. There continue to be difficult times and we have to thrive and strive through these difficult times.”

He said his company was not stopping there. In fact, he said he recently signed a visitor, C.J. Hamilton, from Milan, whom he was informed last week has been signed for an endorsement deal in Italy with footwear manufacturing company Nike.

“This is an absolutely tremendous achievement again,” said Lubin.

He said it was his desire for the 18-year-old Hamilton to release a single with a remake of the soca song Hol’ Up Ya Foot And Jump.

“Maybe one day you are going to hear on Nike adverts all over the world Hol’ Up Ya Foot And Jump. You have to dream, and dreams come true. So that is where we are at,” Lubin added.

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