On the hunt

Police search for attackers in St Peter killing

A 12-hour hunt for 24-year-old Aaron Boyce, who was attacked while parked out near a cemetery in St Peter last night, ended in a mother’s worst nightmare and a police search for at least two murder suspects.


The body of the Well Road, Pie Corner, St Lucy youth was discovered just after ten o’clock today in the Pleasant Hall, St Peter area, erasing all hope of Julianna Boyce seeing her son alive again. Lawmen have declined to say what state the body was in or speculate on the cause of death.

Aaron Boyce
Aaron Boyce

Police public relations officer Inspector David Welch said initial investigations indicated that Boyce and a female companion were “parked out” in an area near the Pleasant Hall Cemetery when they were attacked.

Although lawmen are not releasing information about what occurred after the attack because the investigation is at “a sensitive stage”, it is believed Boyce’s companion was taken from the area.

Welch said she was safe, but gave no other details. The burnt out shell of the car she was driving was later discovered in Turner’s Hall, St Andrew.

It was around 10:30 last night when Boyce’s mother received the call that her son had been attacked and was missing.

A group comprising family members and friends headed to her home to begin a search for him, checking every nook, cranny and cart road in St Peter and St Lucy, but not finding him.

This morning, almost 12 hours after the hunt for the 24-year-old had started Julianna received another call, this time informing her that the Royal Barbados Police Force’s Canine Unit and other officers had discovered a body.

Having not slept a wink since the search began, she and Aaron’s father, Courtney Bovell headed to the area to see if it was the body of her last child. It was then that the mother of three was asked to identify the lifeless body.

A loud wail was heard soon after and the large crowd that had converged in the cemetery near the scene knew that body was that of the former St Lucy Secondary student.

As Barbados Labour Party candidate for St Lucy, Peter Phillips, tried to support her, all the grieving mother could tell Barbados TODAY amid the tears was that her son was “very nice”.

“He don’t get in nothing, he don’t even go on the block, he don’t even smoke,” she said.

Family and friends were also seen openly weeping and embracing each other. Several of his childhood mates were so overcome with grief that they sat on the ground with face in palms in disbelief.

“Whoever do this is kind of animalistic, that is not normal –– they are animals,” an angry aunt Dorinda Callender, Julianna’s sister, said.

“People might think because this happen it might be drugs but he hate drugs, he don’t even smoke. He always said [drugs] does turn people foolish and he didn’t want that . . . . I never thought something like this would happen to him. I don’t know of any person that would hate him that much to do something like this. They would have to be beast-like!”



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