BYBT backing services industry

The Barbados Youth Business Trust is putting its backing behind the services industry for BMEX 2014.

General Manager of BYBT Cardelle Fergusson
General Manager of BYBT Cardelle Fergusson

Noting the change in approach for 2014, BYBT general manager Cardelle Fergusson said while in the past the trust had predominantly supported the productive sector for BMEX, things would be different this time around, even though there would still be a focus on that sector.

“Our thrust for 2014 is the services industry. We want to encourage young Barbadians and let them know that there is a need and there is room to develop in the services sector. We work with young people between the ages of 18 and 35, and we are quite pleased with and encouraged by the work and talent we are seeing in these young entrepreneurs,” he said.

“We often use BMEX as part of our research and development strategy. We encourage entrepreneurs with good ideas and talent to use BMEX as a testing ground to determine the product appeal and its readiness to meet the market. This year we are facilitating four young businesses: Trusted Care Providers Inc., Caribbean Dreams Magazine, Eliore Designs, and Bajan Fusion. These young people are passionate about their businesses and BYBT is extremely pleased to be backing them.”

Trust Care Providers is Barbados’ leading nanny and domestic care agency.

Managing Director of Trust Care Providers Kimberley Sandiford
Managing Director of Trust Care Providers Kimberley Sandiford

The heartbeat and passion of managing director Kimberly Sandiford led to the formation of the company in 2013.

“With a decade-long experience in providing care for children, animals, and the elderly, I founded the company out of my passion for caregiving, and recognition of the need for affordable, reliable service in Barbados,” she said.

“My vision, however, was not only for citizens of Barbados, but for visitors as well. The company provides nanny care, babysitting, elderly care, as well as pet sitting and grooming services.

“These are all provided by certified caregivers and registered nurses, each of whose qualifications, certifications, work histories, and personal backgrounds have been investigated and confirmed. We are pleased to be able to provide quality care at home and are equipped to provide care for those with Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s and those who may have suffered a stroke. Our team is also trained to work with special needs children.”

The second company under the BYBT umbrella is Bajan Fusion, a healthy lifestyle event management services company. Brainchild of Celia Collymore, this company is redefining fitness beyond the gym with a monthly offering to the public that is fun, explorative    and challenging.

“We are a healthy lifestyle event management service company designed to fuse Barbadian dance, music and sports on the world stage,” Collymore explained.

“Our events seek to enlighten communities to take charge of their lives, stand tall in the face of adversity and get moving towards a longer, safer, happier, healthier and active lifestyle!

“For our events, we collaborate with our partners and networks in Barbados and across the world to create, develop and execute fun, adventurous, and interactive activities and events on a monthly basis.

“Any given month you could experience caving, mountain biking, hiking, paintball, ziplining, horseback riding, paddle board, fitness sessions, etcetera. We not only encourage communities to get fit and healthy; we want to showcase Barbadian culture and talent while sharing and celebrating our pride and industry.”

The BYBT is a youth entrepreneurship development organization that provides the much needed service of turning good ideas into reality. The entrepreneurship development programme helps 18- to 35-year-olds who are unemployed, underemployed and of limited means, including the physically challenged, to set up and operate their own business by providing financial assistance, ongoing business advice and marketing support.

Applicants who have a viable business plan, but have been unsuccessful in raising the start-up capital elsewhere, are eligible to receive assistance to get their businesses started.


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