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RPB leaves an impact at Brazil festival

Just back from his trip to Brazil, the man with the most Pic-O-De-Crop Monarch crowns, is hailing his participation in one of Latin America’s top cultural events, Verada Cultural Festival in Sao Paulo, as a major success.

Red Plastic Bag, told Bajan Vibes the trip to the city with a population of about 11 million was great; and “in itself was a  huge festival, people from all over the word performing; and, for Barbadians to have the opportunity to perform there on a main stage, excellent!”.

“I saw it as an opportunity to promote our music and try to create an avenue for our artistes to go to Brazil and to capitalise on the number of people they have there in Sao Paulo.

“It went well, and I am looking forward to Brazil. This was my second trip and it is clear that there is a market there for the music. The reality is that festivals like these we will need not just to send an individual . . . we will probably need to send a contingent,” he said.

Bag reported that during his time there, he had looked at ways in which there could be a partnership between the promoter of Verada and our very own Crop Over Festival, and he even spoke to the possibility of exchanges between the two countries.

“Our music is similar to what is happening in places like Rio, Belém, Bahia –– even Brasília. The rhythms are similar, and they understood our music very well. They were dancing in the streets to Ragga Ragga and Something’s Happening. It augurs well for an opportunity which is there for us to capitalize on a very huge market.

“. . . If at 4:30 in the morning I can be performing in front of such a large audience [out of 22 million people], it’s quite clear that’s festivals like these we need to be a part of. We need to get involved and try to promote our festivals across the globe,” RPB said.

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