Thank you all for your support

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I wish to publicly thank the several people, firms and organizations that supported the Conference Of Caribbean National Trusts just concluded at the Savannah Beach Hotel. The conference of some 75 participants from 13 Caribbean countries, Britain, Canada and the United States was an overwhelming success, and it would have been impossible without the vision and support of our partners and sponsors.

All of the major sponsors had keynote lectures and sessions named after them, providing major recognition.

We are truly grateful for everyone’s support and partnership, as well as for the participation of both our Minister of Tourism and our Minister of Culture, Sports and Youth, and their passionate support of heritage preservation and the tremendous opportunities for heritage tourism. The message of heritage tourism will resonate in every way as a result.

Surprisingly, of our several major banks, only Republic Bank was willing to make a contribution. Considering the billions of dollars sitting quietly in our banks, not being used for the development of Barbados, this suggests a regrettable lack of vision for tourism development in Barbados. We can only hope they are saving their largesse for bigger projects.

Conference Chairman.


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