Bumper crop

Minister looking forward to bigger festival, despite cuts

Despite having its budget for 2014 cut, Minister of Culture Stephen Lashley says he expects this year’s Crop Over Festival to be a bumper one.

Minister of Culture Stephen Lashley
Minister of Culture Stephen Lashley

“This year you should note that we are having more events than we had last year; so Crop Over 2014 is bigger than 2013, not withstanding that we are not having as many Cavalcades,” he told Barbados TODAY ahead of this evening’s Crop Over Preview in the car park of the National Cultural Foundation’s West Terrace headquarters. That event is designed to give Barbadians a taste of what the 2014 Crop Over will offer.

“Tomorrow we will also have a Crop Over Crawl, which is a new event designed to take a taste of Crop Over to more communities than, let’s say, if we have an event in one location. Then we are having a big event at the National Stadium where we are bringing all of the former Crop Over calypso kings and queens to showcase again for Barbadians and, of course, the audience that will be there. So I am very excited that we have a very great Crop Over in store,” he said, noting that the Kings And Queens show was to be a part of the 40th anniversary celebrations of the festival.

“I’ve predicted that Crop Over this year will be bigger than last year. We have more events; we have community events. We also have the Christ Church Carnival that is being executed, as well and we have the big Crop Over Feast, which will be held at Naniki in St Joseph.

“In terms of our spending, we have less dollars to play with because of budget cuts and so on. But that has not inhibited the way in which the festival is being planned,” said the minister.

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