BWA leaning towards a more customer-responsible body

As customers continue to complain about some aspects of the service provided by the Barbados Water Authority (BWA) that agency is moving to reorganize itself as a more customer responsible body.

This pledge came today from the chairman of the BWA, Dr Atlee Brathwaite, as he addressed the reopening of the authority’s Bridgetown Customer Care Centre in the Coles Building on Probyn Street in The City, which was closed some 11 years ago because of environmental concerns.

Brathwaite indicated that while there were several new projects being established over the coming months that would demand the use of new business processes, new technologies and new skill sets –– which are all anticipated to assist the BWA in implementing significant changes to how it carries out its mandate –– the re-establishment of the centre was one of those enhancements geared towards delivery of a greater level of service to customers.

“It is also noteworthy to mention that the Payment Centre that was established at the Manor Lodge Complex in Green Hill as the replacement for the Coles Building office [which] will be maintained for at least the next year or so,” he added.

He pointed out that the new headquarters for the BWA was under construction and when completed in 2015 the Payment Centre and Service Centre at Green Hill would be relocated to The Pine.

Brathwaite stated that the BWA’s personnel had worked hard with the landlord of the Coles Building, and despite the current economic climate had together developed this new and improved Customer Care Centre.

”All of the work you see here has received the approval of every one of the stakeholders, and I am sure you will all agree that though the wait was long it was well worth it,” he stated.


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