Police, BARP team up on elderly safety

Police will soon be visiting the homes of elderly Barbadians to inspect their properties and help them address any security hazards.

It is being made possible as the Royal Barbados Police Force (RBPF) agrees to carry out safety audits for members of the Barbados Association of Retired Persons (BARP).

Speaking about the new initiative at BARP’s Collymore Rock headquarters, association president Edward Bushell said such assistance was needed and timely, especially since just over two months ago, an elderly couple was beaten and robbed at their Richmond Plantation, St Peter home.

“If you call BARP and give us your name and say you need a home audit done for safety purposes at your house, we will channel it to the police force and they will send out the relevant officers who will come and do a audit in your house and look at all the entrances, the locks you are using, the lighting and everything and then advise you accordingly and say you need to change this, you need to change the next thing,” he explained.

The president urged all members to take advantage of the offer and to make safety at home a priority through not only doing audits but taking advice
from law enforcement officials seriously.

“From our demographic [people] are accustomed to leaving [their] front doors opened and leaving the windows opened because that is how it was. We need now to tell people that that is no longer how it is. Unfortunately, you need to lock your front door, you need to have adequate locks on your front door,” Bushell said.

During the Press conference, the BARP conference also addressed the issue of members being severely impacted by the current economic climate.

“While the cost of living is going up our income is fixed so really and truly we are going backwards. It is a big strain on our membership and we are always as usual looking for ways to alleviate that,” he said.

One of those initiatives is a new agreement with the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation’s Multi-Choice TV (MCTV), which will enable members to benefit from a special cost effective package.

Andrew Greene, chief MCTV officer, said the partnership, signed during today’s press conference, expanded on an existing one.

“We owe it to persons who are considered the elder persons of the society for the success that MCTV has had over the years. They have stuck with us and we feel that at this juncture that we should also stick with those persons,” he said.


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