NexCyx joins HIV initiative

NexCyx has joined other prominent local entertainers to support the Caribbean Broadcast Media Partnership on HIV and AIDS’ (CBMP) new initiative for Regional HIV Testing Day. The group was one of many who travelled to Frank Collymore Hall on Tuesday to record the video for the first ever jingle created for the annual testing campaign that takes place on June 27, 2014.

Mahalia Cummins of NexCyx recording her video spot   for the jingle.
Mahalia Cummins of NexCyx recording her video spot for the jingle.

Regional HIV Testing Day, now in its seventh year, is geared towards heightening public awareness on the critical importance of voluntary counselling and testing in preventing the spread of HIV infection. The jingle created under the LIVE UP Charity, will have a We Are The World feel with people of all different colours, classes, ages and creeds reminding viewers that HIV does not discriminate. The theme this year is RU+ UR- (Are You Positive You Are Negative?).

Executive director of the CBMP, Dr Allyson Leacock, is pleased to have NexCyx on board.

“I have watched their development with great admiration and do think they are wonderful young people who have supported a great cause,” she said.

NexCyx frontwoman Mahalia Cummins, one of four who sings lead on the jingle, is also thrilled to be partnering with the LIVE UP Charity. This is not the first time she has lent her voice to the cause. In 2010, the band released Take A Minute, a moving tribute to victims of HIV and AIDS worldwide. They have also donated part of the proceeds of their popular artiste showcase Mahalia’s Corner to the HIV Food Bank for the past two years.

“There’s a feeling of fulfilment in knowing there’s always another way to help,” she said. “I am grateful for the opportunity to reach out in this way.”

The jingle will be aired regionally across the CMBP’s 112 partner radio and TV stations in June. (PR)


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