A spoken word showcase

The spoken word comes to St Lawrence Gap, this Saturday, May 24, as DJ Simmons of Iron Sharpen Iron proudly presents De Vibe Open Mic at Infinity On The Beach Hotel, featuring well respected and skilled singer and guitarist Simon Pipe.

Adrian Green n DJ Simmonds
Adrian Green and DJ Simmonds


Simon Pipe
Simon Pipe

Simon’s music is the love child of pop and reggae –– catchy hooks and romantic melodies sitting on top of deep drum pulses and rootsy guitars. Besides living a past life as the lead guitarist in the island’s most prominent reggae act, Simon is a formally trained audio engineer, owns a recording studio and has a tendency to surf.

It was back in November 2007, when Adrian Green and DJ Simmons established the brand Iron Sharpen Iron; the main drive and focus then, to contribute and aid in the development of spoken word and local lyricists in the island, while providing a stage for talent to be showcased.

De Vibe Open Mic was originally started back in 2011 with the vision of building the perfect ambiance budding with confidence and creativity where any artist could find their niche and network hub. From its beginnings hosted by DJ Simmons at Dis Is It Bar, and Empress Zingha at The Good Life Café, the shows have always attracted beautiful and appreciative audiences. Now it has evolved into the monthly main event
at the gorgeous Infinity Hotel.”

Some of their past productions include the live events Talk Hard, Echoes Of The Ancestors, Iron Mic, Ironmakon, among others, and artists who have guest-appeared at the shows include Mahalia of the band NexCyx, Mic Check, Bobo, Azman, G-Syndicate, James Lovell, The Mighty Gabby, Canadian based poet Dwayne Morgan, Kid Site, Rebel Glam, Damian Marvay, 1688 Orchestra, and iNDRANi, to name but a few.

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