Well done, Mark Maloney and team!

I write to publicly commend Mr Mark Maloney and his team on the newly redeveloped Bushy Park Circuit. This project, which was headed by Mr Maloney, made every Barbadian proud this past weekend with its hosted Top Gear Festival at this now world-class facility.

The level of entertainment was spectacular with the likes of world-known names Lewis Hamilton and Ken Block on the same track at the same time –– which has never been seen before anywhere in the world. It was truly amazing to watch, and I am sure these sentiments will be shared by all Barbadians and visitors who patronized the two-day event.

Leading up to the event and the launch of the new track at Bushy Park, Mr Maloney and his team encouraged all involved to get things done efficiently and continue to practise professional work ethics, and stay determined to deliver a high-quality facility and product, pushing boundaries further at very late stages of the completion process, remaining positive towards the end result, as achieved.

Mark and his team have also successfully helped to stimulate the local economy (which is in dire need of such projects) by creating work for many small and medium-size businessperson. Many Barbadian service providers were involved with the TGF shows and the completion of the facilities, including electricians, carpenters, masons, plumbers, A/C contractors, food caterers, sound system installers/contractors, event organizers, food vendors, security personnel and many others who are looking for work in these challenging times in each of their businesses.

It was very pleasing and encouraging to see that Mark and his team chose to use Barbadian companies, expertise and services, believing in their ability to deliver to a world-class standard, which I personally think they did, judging from the outcome of Sunday’s show. Well done, guys and gals. Hats off to you all!!

The Government of Barbados and the BTA should also be commended for offering full support to this project, realizing the benefit that this could brings to Barbados in terms of tourism, as well as the prestige conferred by the hosting of such an event.

Kudos to corporate Barbados on their full support of the facility, by outfitting of their corporate suites, boxes and corporate signage throughout.

This project only goes to show that the private sector is very capable of helping to push forward our economy, once the Government supports such projects and not delay and present all this unnecessary red tape (as is done with a lot of new and innovative projects being pursued).

We can very well pull ourselves out of this mess we are currently in . . . . Attitudes are most important; then facts!

Entrepreneur/professional sound engineer/audio/video integrator


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