Job seekers’ manual being updated

Unemployed persons in Barbados will soon have an updated guide to help them in their preparation for getting a job.

That’s because the Ministry of Labour is in the process of updating the over two-decade-old Job Seekers’ Manual.

Ricardo Norville
Ricardo Norville

The announcement came today from Ricardo Norville, acting assistant chief research and planning officer in the Manpower Research Statistical Unit of the ministry.

Responding to questions during a media conference on the Barbados Human Resource Development Strategy at the Baobab Tower, Norville said since the manual was introduced in 1991 it had not been updated.

“We are in the process of updating the job seekers manual, which is a manual that has been within the Ministry of Labour that has been around for some time but it needs to be updated at this point,” he insisted.

The job seekers’ manual was designed for people who are unemployed, those seeking to change their jobs and those who want to create their own businesses. It provides guidelines on a range of areas, including how to write a curriculum vitae (CV) and job letters. It also provides information on how to maintain a job, how to dress and conduct oneself on the job, as well as how to dress and prepare for an interview.

“It needs to be updated at this time because as you know things change a lot,” added Norville, saying that entrepreneurship was now common in Barbados.


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