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Costume designers urged to use skills in production

In an effort to preserve the masquerade aspect of Crop Over, there is a need for the creativity and themes depicted on the stage at Junior Kadooment to transition to Grand Kadooment.

This call came from Suzanne Phillips, a costume designer and instructor, as she spoke to Barbados TODAY yesterday at Pelican Village, where a showcase was held to highlight the work of a schools’ costume making programme facilitated by the National Cultural Foundation (NCF).

Phillips stressed  that Grand Kadooment was at a point where the costumes were primarily about feathers and beads, as designers neglected to utilize their creative skills in the production of mas’.

“We have lost a lot of our local Barbadian culture in costume making over the years.

“We find that Junior Kadooment is where you get most of the creativity because a lot of the themes are Barbadian and most of the designers are local designers.

“We want to be able to translate that back into Grand Kadooment and to be able to engage a lot our local designers to be able to present a Kadooment that is principally Barbadian and to remove a lot of the beads and feathers syndrome,” she said.

Phillips is also coordinator of the inaugural workshop which was conceptualized by an interest among the public to learn the process of costume production. From February until April, 17 participants learned how design and make costumes at NCF’s training room at Pelican.

“It is not only for the general public but also to facilitate those who are actually in the Junior Kadooment spectacle. Actually, we have a couple of bands that will be coming this year and the bandleaders and teams are part of this workshop.

“A lot of the people here are excited about their workshop and what they have done. The workshop actually covered the whole design process right through to wire bending so every aspect of the mass has been covered,” Phillips explained.

During the showcase, twelve costumes depicting four themes showed off what the participants were exposed to during the workshop.

Green and purple queen.
Green and purple queen.
Ready for de road.
Ready for de road.
Pink lady.
Pink lady.

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